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Online Bitcoin Casino Betting Guide

By Hank Blaine

When many people think of online BTC betting, they think of sporting events, particularly NFL, NBA, MLB or other major leagues. However, there is much fun and potential big winnings in online Bitcoin casino games.

Gambling in online casinos is actually extremely popular, as in upwards of billion or more globally take part in it. With a beginner, the process of gambling on online casino games can be overwhelming. The good news is that with this online Bitcoin casino betting guide, your anxieties will be reduced and even experienced casino gamers may learn a thing or two.

Safety Factors

There are risk factors involved concerning protecting your methods of play and money, so there is vast importance in choosing a safe online casino.

The key is finding a company that used trustworthy software and fortunately companies that develop such software have strict quality control measures and screening processes.

The most trusted software in the online casino industry include Microgaming, Wizard Gaming, Playtech, and Realtime Gaming.

Provably Fair

Players will always be skeptical while playing online, they think they’ll somehow get cheated (which isn’t so).

However it’s understandable because it’s remote and if they wanted to, it’s easy for an online casino to do so. In the BTC betting world, we use a system called “provably fair”.

Provably fair is a tool that enables the player (you) to verify each roll result and make sure you are not being cheated!

Which Online Casino to Choose?

A first criteria for picking an online casino is to go for one that has games that strike your interest.  The site should also be easy to navigate, top notch customer service and a variety of payments methods available.

The best bet is to choose one with the best promotions and bonuses. You shouldn’t be missing out on free money. For example, here at Nitrobetting.eu, we offer one of the best roster of Bitcoin bonuses out there. Here are a few for your browsing eyes:

  • Nitrobetting BTC Sign-Up Bonus:Earn free money when you sign up with us.
  • Nitrobetting BTC Welcome Bonus:All new players that register to our online BTC casino will receive free credit when make their first play.
  • Nitrobetting BTC Deposit Bonus: If you deposit a specific amount we prize sometimes with the same amount or even more sometimes.
  • Nitrobetting BTC No Deposit Bonus:On a good day, our Bitcoin casino rolls out promotions even if you haven’t deposited with us yet.
  • Nitrobetting BTC Free Bonuses:Just for playing on our online BTC casino, we often, for fun, give out free rolls, hands or tournaments.
  • Nitrobetting BTC Refer-A-Friend Bonuses: If one of your pals comes and plays at our online Bitcoin casino reffered by you, we often match his deposit or come up with something nice for you.
  • Nitrobetting BTC Loyalty Bonuses: Once you play at Nitrobetting BTC casino for a while, we start to consider you a friend, that’s why we always offer extra credit or free rounds when it comes to this.

All these bonuses and promotions added up can provide you with that extra bankroll so you can keep on playing with us.All these free incentives can also give you the opportunity to try new games and/or improve your strategies.

To check out our full list of bonuses and promotions, do not hesitate to visit our BTC bonuses and BTC promotions page.

You Can Defeat the House Edge

The house edge is essentially a mathematically based edge the house has in almost every game.

Although it is true that the house tends to win over the long haul, they don’t always come out on top.

Truth be told is that the lack of knowledge of many inexperienced bettors is a large reason the house comes out on top most of the time.

The key to defeating the house edge is to scrutinize it and find your own mathematical edge.

Take blackjack for example, the house edge can be brought down to just 0.06% by using a spot on blackjack strategy, but let’s take a look at slots. They have a 3-7% edge which it’s very hard, nearly impossible to overcome.

Stick close to the games that your strategy can take over the casino – take a look at our strategy guide for Baccarat for example.

Why Play on Online Casinos?

In the old days (about 10 years ago) if you wanted to play casino games, your only real option was to dolly up and head to the casino.

Now, thanks to the precious internet and its developments, you can now, virtually, play casino games online from wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your home, office or while walking in the park.

The number one reason is that they give you many advantages that are not found in physical locations. Payouts are immediate, unlike at the brick and mortar locations where the process of collecting any winnings is often cumbersome.

Many online casinos also have instructions about how games are played. This clearly will help you learn more efficient ways to bet, increasing your chances of winning.

Contact Our Customer Service

Take advantage of our customer service or contact information available if there is something you don’t understand or want to learn about online casino games. This advice goes to the experienced players as well as the beginners, since everyone can learn.

Many people feel dumb having to ask questions, but it’s the job of our customer service representatives to answer any questions you may have, regardless what it is.

Forget Your Superstitions

Online casinos use random number generators (RNGs). This means that that every dealt card and every spin is decided completely by chance.

So don’t get paranoid or superstitious because there is absolutely no way to control a game’s outcome.

So our advice is to just sit back and enjoy the cash roll in when it does and don’t get freaked out or untrusting when it isn’t so much.

Avoid Alcohol

While playing real money, avoid drinking at all costs. Be alert and remember you have a sober strategy to make good choices. 

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and influences you to take bigger risks you wouldn’t have made otherwise while sober. 

Why do you think Las Vegas would give out free drinks 24/7? This exact reason, it improves the house edge by a ton. So please be careful to not drink and bet. There should be a DUI for this, lol. 

Search for the Best Banking Option

Before choosing to bet online at a casino of your choice, it is worth researching their Deposit and Withdrawal

Some offer better bonuses or low withdrawal fees for certain types, such as cryptocurrency.

Other banking methods, such as a bank transfer or a check withdrawal, normally take longer and result in consistent and high withdrawal fees.

Try to find an online casino that offers that resonates more with you and the type of player you are.

Here at Nitrobetting BTC sportsbook, we pride ourselves with the fastest Bitcoin only withdrawals.

Taking less than 24 hours to credit your account. Also know that there is absolutely NO CHARGE from our side.

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Know When to Stop

One of the most popular mistakes is not quitting while you’re ahead.

A big hand, a big win can give you false hopes and give you the urge to keep playing because you think a hot streak is around the corner, but don’t be fooled.

Greed is not good and can result negatively to you, even if you are already losing a bit.

Bottom line is… Be the master of your game, do you research before you go into unknown betting lands and never forget to bet responsibly.

While betting BTC online you can be surprised at how much you can win, so have fun while playing wisely.

If you’re looking to learn more how to bet on other sports, be sure to check out our exclusive Nitrobetting Sports guides. And don’t forget to visit our online Bitcoin sportsbook for the latest sports betting odds.

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