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2021 MLB Win Total Odds and Expert Picks

By Hank Blaine

We’re just weeks away from the start of the 2021 MLB Season and it seems we’re heading back to the normal schedule, step by step. After the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, it had the MLB season on hold, since it started weeks before the season opener. There was barely and spring training or preseason. The world of online BTC sports betting was at halt as well, waiting to see what could happen.

After many meetings and negotiations, the season started by the end of July and ended in September, which was a total of 60 games, compared to the usual 162 game schedule. In the end, the Los Angeles Dodgers took home their seventh World Series title.

Now that things seems to be getting back to what we were used to, it’s a great time to take a look at the possible outcome during the regular season. How many games will your favorite team win? Should you bet on your team to make it? We’re going to take a deep dive into the latest MLB Win Total odds for 2021 and pick the ones you should keep an eye out for this season.

2021 MLB Regular Season Total Win Odds

*As of February, 2021

Team Win Total Over/Under
LA Dodgers 103.5 -115/-115
NY Yankees 95.5 -115/-115
San Diego Padres 95.5 -115/-115
Atlanta Braves 92.5 -115/-115
Chicago White Sox 90.5 -115/-115
NY Mets 89.5 -115/-115
Minnesota Twins 88.5 -115/-115
Houston Astros 87.5 -115/-115
St. Louis Cardinals 87.5 -115/-115
Toronto Blue Jays 87.5 -115/-115
Oakland A’s 86.5 -115/-115
Tampa Bay Rays 85.5 -115/-115
Washington Nationals 84.5 -115/-115
Cincinnati Reds 82.5 -130/EVEN
Los Angeles Angels 82.5 -115/-115
Milwaukee Brewers 82.5 -130/EVEN
Philadelphia Phillies 81.5 -115/-115
Boston Red Socks 80.5 -115/-115
Cleveland Indians 80.5 -115/-115
Chicago Cubs 79.5 -115/-115
Arizona Diamondbacks 75.5 -115/-115
San Francisco Giants 75.5 -115/-115
Kansas City Royals 72.5 -115/-115
Miami Marlins 72.5 -115/-115
Seattle Mariners 71.5 -115-115
Texas Rangers 67.5 -115/-115
Detroit Tigers 66.5 -115/-115
Baltimore Orioles 63.5 -115/-115
Colorado Rockies 63.5 -115/-115
Pittsburgh Pirates 59.5 -115/-115


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The Favorites

Los Angeles Dodgers

There’s no doubt they are top favorites to take the most wins this season. They’re coming off their recent 2020 World Series win against the Tampa Bay Rays.

They have a stacked batting lineup, which is already a force to reckon with. They also added starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, who became a free agent after this past season. He’s leaded the National League in ERA and won the Cy Yong Award. He will definitely push the teams possibilities for a repeat.

New York Yankees

The Yankees’ are usually top favorites every season. They have an elite pitching staff, with Gerrit Cole as their leader, and the have much potential in the batting department. The problem here is, can the shake off the recent health issues or injuries. Players like Corey Kluber, Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and James Taillon can definitely bring the boost they need.

San Diego Padres

Last season, we saw the Padres’ return to the playoffs, something they hadn’t done since 2006. Their performance left quite the impression. So they definitely could make beyond 95 wins.

One fact to consider is that they haven’t won that amount of games since 1999. Their usual average is around 63 to 64 games won in a season. And that’s after the 1999 season just mentioned.

I don’t think they will make more than 100, but they have solid team that can bring those necessary wins to make it again to the postseason.

Dark Horses

New York Mets

The Mets have made some upgrades in their offense and defense recently. They traded with Cleveland for shortstop Francisco Lindor back in January.

The main concern is the expected return of pitcher Noah Syndergaard. He suffered a torn UCL almost a year ago and after undergoin Tommy John surgery, he was out for the entire 2020 season. What can we expect from this bullpen before and after his return? This is one team to keep your eyes on.

Chicago White Sox

Looking at this previous season, the White Sox were number one in the American League’s best record when there was 14 games remaining. They got into the playoffs, but failed to go pass the Wild Card, after losing to the Oakland A’s in the series, 2-1.

They have a shot a taking the AL Central division, taking into consideration having Cleveland making some changes and Detroit and Kansas City haven’t been at their best in quite a while.

Sleeper Picks

Boston Red Sox

After making trades, sending away Mookie Betts and David Price was a bad idea for the Red Sox. They were only able to get 24 wins in 60 games. Yes, the season was shorter, still pretty bad.

But nothing can’t remain the same forever. In this trade, they got Alex Verdugo, who can definitely bring some extra force to the team. They also have guys like Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts, who complement each other real well. It’s going to be a tough one for them. They just might get to the projected wins.

Miami Marlins

It seemed they were going to be an easy team to beat in 2020. It was the other way around. They got into the post season and won the Wild Card against the Cubs. They failed to win the Divisional series against the Braves. But their recent improvement in their roster is the result of those upgrades.

Although its tough for them to get runs, the squad is young, and has the opportunity of creating a well constructed team, witch a solid pitching rotation. We could definitely expect something from the Marlins in 2021.

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