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2021 Stanley Cup Betting Odds (January)

By Hank Blaine

Like most sports leagues this year, the NHL has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the greatest hockey league in world will not start in October as it usually does and instead will commence in mid January 2021.

Discussions were underway as to how the league can be played safely, and part of the issue is the cross-border travel required between Canada and the USA, which has largely ground to a halt. But as of now, we finally have an official start date. As per the NHL and NHL Players’ Association, the regular season will start on January 13th, 2021, and ending on May 8th.

Even before or after the announcement of the official start date, oddsmakers have published their odds on the 2021 winners of the Stanley Cup, as they always do when the previous season ends.

The Colorado Avalanche are currently the favorites to win the Stanley Cup at +600 (6/1). The team is 100% healthy and they had a pretty good season in 2020. Although they lost in the second round of the playoffs against the Dallas Stars, they still have a solid lineup to make a statement in 2021.

The 2020 Stanley Cup champions, Tampa Bay Lightning, are second favorites at +750 (15/2), with the Vegas Golden Knights in the third spot at +900 (9/1).

Right behind the top 3 favorites, we have the Toronto Maple Leafs at +1100 (11/1), Boston Bruins at +1400 (14/1), and the Philadelphia Flyers at +1700 (17/1).

As well as the outright winners, the NHL Eastern and Western conference winners is also a very popular market, all of these initial odds can be found below.

Odds to Win the 2021 Stanley Cup

Team American Fractional
Colorado Avalanche +600 6/1
Tampa Bay Lightning +750 15/2
Vegas Golden Knights +900 9/1
Toronto Maple Leafs +1100 11/1
Boston Bruins +1400 14/1
Philadelphia Flyers +1700 17/1
Carolina Hurricanes +2000 20/1
St. Louis Blues +2200 22/1
Washington Capitals +2000 20/1
Pittsburgh Penguins +2200 22/1
Dallas Stars +2500 25/1
Nashville Predators +2600 26/1
Edmonton Oilers +2700 27/1
New York Islanders +3000 30/1
Montreal Canadians +3200 32/1
New York Rangers +3300 33/1
Florida Panthers +3500 35/1
Calgary Flames +3700 37/1
Vancouver Canucks +4000 40/1
Winnipeg Jets +4000 40/1
Columbus Blue Jackets +4500 45/1
Minnesota Wild +5000 50/1
San Jose Sharks +5500 55/1
Anaheim Ducks +6000 60/1
Arizona Coyotes +4000 40/1
Buffalo Sabres +6000 60/1
Chicago Blackhawks +6500 65/1
New Jersey Devils +7000 70/1
Los Angeles Kings +8500 85/1
Ottawa Senators +20000 200/1
Detroit Red Wings +35000 350/1


2021 NHL Conference Championships Odds

Conference Odds are always lower than the odds on the same team to win the Stanley Cup. This makes sense because there are less teams to overcome in the conference and the likelihood of them winning it is much higher.

The odds are pretty much different, but usually favorites will almost always be the same. The Lightning are favorite to win their conference but with lower odds of +400. If you are confident that a team will do well next season but are unsure whether they have what it takes to go all the way. Conference betting could be a great option.

Odds to Win 2021 NHL Eastern Conference Championship

Team American Fractional
Tampa Bay Lightning +400 8/2
Boston Bruins +550 5/1
Philadelphia Flyers +600 6/1
Washington Capitals +800 8/1
Pittsburgh Penguins +800 8/1
Toronto Maple Leafs +1000 10/1
Carolina Hurricanes +1100 11/1
New York Islanders +1300 13/1
New York Rangers +1500 15/1
Florida Panthers +1500 15/1
Columbus Blue Jackets +2500 25/1
Montreal Canadiens +2700 27/1
Buffalo Sabres +3000 30/1
New Jersey Devils +4000 40/1
Ottawa Senators +7500 75/1
Detroit Red Wings +12500 125/1


Odds to Win 2021 NHL Western Conference Championship

Team American Fractional
Colorado Avalanche +324 13/4
Vegas Golden Knights +350 13/4
St. Louis Blues +800 8/1
Dallas Stars +900 9/1
Edmonton Oilers +1000 10/1
Nashville Predators +1150 11/1
Calgary Flames +1300 13/1
Vancouver Canucks +1700 17/1
Winnipeg Jets +1700 17/1
San Jose Sharks +2000 20/1
Chicago Blackhawks +2500 25/1
Minnesota Wild +2700 27/1
Los Angeles Kings +2700 27/1
Arizona Coyotes +3000 30/1
Anaheim Ducks +3000 30/1


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