2022 Stanley Cup Odds Update (May)

The NHL Playoffs start on Monday, May 2, which means we had better check out the latest updated NHL odds on to win the 2022 Stanley Cup. As you might expect, Western Conference 1-seed Colorado is the overall chalk. Second choice is Eastern Conference 2-seed Florida.

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Odds to Win the 2022 Stanley Cup

*Updated on May 2nd, 2022

  • Colorado Avalanche +350
  • Florida Panthers +550
  • Calgary Flames +800
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +900
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +1100
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1200
  • Boston Bruins +1600
  • Minnesota Wild +1600
  • New York Rangers +1600
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1800
  • Edmonton Oilers +1800
  • St. Louis Blues +2000
  • Washington Capitals +3000
  • Nashville Predators +4500
  • Dallas Stars +4500
  • Los Angeles Kings +6000

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Which favorite among the Avalanche and the Panthers deserves the longer look?

Both Colorado and Florida rocked it this season. The Avs ended the regular season with an incredible 119 points. But although Colorado ended the regular season with a fantastic 119 points, Florida ended their regular season with more points, 122.

Based on points, the Panthers are a better pick than the Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup. However, the Avs have an easier first round opponent in the Nashville Predators than Florida has in the Washington Capitals.

Name the team among the Leafs, Lightning, and Hurricanes that has the best shot at winning the 2022 Stanly Cup

All three have a very good chance. The Maple Leafs, though, must get past two time defending champion Tampa Bay in the first-round. That won’t be easy. Tampa is gearing up for at third-straight Stanley Cup. The Lightning can do it and should be taken seriously.

But among the three, the Lightning isn’t the best play. The best play are the Carolina Hurricanes. Carolina finished the season with 116 points. Their first round opponent, the Boston Bruins, is a good hockey team. Carolina, though, feels they can win the Stanley Cup. The team had a fantastic second half of the season. Their momentum can carry them further than the Leafs or Lightning.

Which team or teams with odds from +1600 to +2000 can hoist Lord Stanley’s hardware?

In the +1600 to +2000 range, Western Conference rivals Minnesota and St. Louis look best. The two teams must battle it out in the first round. So you’re taking a chance backing one of them to win the Stanley Cup for sure. Then again, if you do choose the correct team that wins the first round matchup, you’ll feel great heading into the second round.

St. Louis appears to be the better play. The Blues have as much of a shot to win the Cup as the Wild. But St. Louis offers better odds.

Name the underdogs with the best chances of winning the Stanley Cup.

Washington must beat Florida in the first round. If that happens, Ovechkin and his teammates will have a great shot of winning the Stanley Cup. At the odds, the Capitals are the best play. If they can manage a first round upset, they’ll offer much lower odds than +3000. Keep that in mind as you handicap the underdogs.

Another team to consider are the Dallas Stars. The Stars can upset Calgary in the first round. Dallas matches up well with Colorado, the Western Conference 1-seed. So if the Stars can get hot, they can win the title.

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