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Blades scraping against the ice, wooden sticks clashing for a piece of rubber we know as the puck, the cold temperature of the rink. These are just some descriptions of what you can expect from the NHL.

Created in 1917, the National Hockey League (NHL) was organized after the suspension of the previous league, the National Hockey Association. It’s considered to be the top professional ice hockey league in the world. It comprises 31 teams (24 in the US, 7 in Canada). The regular season has 82 games played per team, 41 at home and on the road. Afterward, the top eight teams from each conference qualify to the playoffs in an elimination tournament, where two teams play against each other in a best-of-seven series. The two conference champions meet in the finals to win the Stanley Cup, considered by the International Ice hockey Federation as the most important championship available in the sport.

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