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2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix Storylines

By Jeff Stinger

The countdown is on for the 2023 Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. It’s the first race to take place in the city since 1982, and motorsport fans and bettors alike prepare for another captivating weekend come November. The event’s magnitude makes it quite a spectacle for the calendar. It features a street circuit that zips through grand hotels and the iconic Las Vegas strip. With the gap closing between us and the gap, Nitrobetting points out the most exciting storylines ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Gearing Up for the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Formula 1 surged in popularity in the United States recently, spearheaded by the incredible performance of three-time World Champion Max Verstappen and upcoming USA GP -435 favorite, with the prevalence of the Netflix reality show “Drive to Survive.”

Taking advantage of the popularity, F1 added more American races to the annual racing calendar. Austin’s Circuit of the Americas has been an admired event since 2021. Miami recently joined in 2022 and the Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to debut in November under the captivating lights of the Vegas Strip.

The race is set to be unlike any other, with a plethora of events happening around the race track. Downtown Las Vegas will be more alive than ever. It seems that the sport wants to encourage its growing American fan base, and there’s no better place to promote the sport in the country other than Sin City.

The unusual start time led to questions regarding driver safety. Las Vegas might be surrounded by the desert, but that doesn’t necessarily mean warm temperatures. Climates can fall into the 40s during winter evenings and may well reach cooler temperatures during the Grand Prix. With much of an F1 car’s control heavily reliant on the warmth of its tires, that could mean unsettled cars sliding across the track.

Nevertheless, Vegas is back on the calendar after over 40 decades of absence from the Formula 1 calendar. The last time the sport headed to Silver City was back in 1981 and 1982, with the circuit built entirely around the car park of the world-famous Caesars Palace Casino. It proved to be a huge physical challenge for the drivers, mostly because of its counter-clockwise layout and the heat. This time, Vegas features more laid-out plans and takes the 200-mile-per-hour cars around its streets–the layout also includes one of the longest straights of any F1 track, which is a two-kilometer stretch of track running down the Strip.

This is a proper street circuit for those who enjoy watching the cars squeeze around tight turns and straights. Moreover, drivers like +5,900 US GP favorite Fernando Alonso who has an affinity for similar layouts could perform beautifully. The race demands everything from the drivers’ senses as they blast down the scenic route. At the end of the two-kilometer stretch offers the best overtaking opportunity, braking hard into a left-hander. There are two more straights after that, a high-speed corner sequence followed by a chicane that adds more technical elements to the track.

The roads will be bumpy as you’d expect from a street circuit. While the layout goes through resurfacing to make things smoother overall, it’s still a street circuit through and through. Designers proposed 31 different layout variations before settling on the final version–a thrilling 14-turn high-speed layout that witnesses high average speeds and requires teams to equip low downforce aerodynamic packages.

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