Top Animal Predictions for Super Bowl 56

Super Bowl 56 will feature the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams; two mammal-based teams who’ll battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy this Sunday. With this in mind, It’s only fitting that we consult some of the other wildlife wonders that have given us entertaining yet rather accurate predictions from previous Super Bowls.

NitroBetting is ready to equip its bettors with the latest news, NFL odds, and previews for the entirety of the 2022 NFL Playoffs. This time, let’s take a look at three animal predictions for Super Bowl 56 to both entertain and assist our readers with their own picks and bets for the big game.

Top Super Bowl 56 Animal Predictions

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Jimmy Fallon’s Puppies

For the fifth straight year, The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon aired its own Super Bowl predictions with the help of a couple of adorable golden retriever puppies.

The first puppy wearing the corresponding Bengals or Rams jersey to reach the bowl of dog food would be the predicted winner, and it was the Bengals jersey-wearing pup affably named Ron Bell who eventually reached its treats faster than its opponent in this cuddly contest. Cheers to the underdogs it is, with the obvious pun definitely intended!

Cincinnati Zoo’s Hippo

The famed hippopotamus over at the Cincinnati Zoo named Fiona has been making Super Bowl predictions for the past four seasons. She currently has a 2-2 record, making her prediction for Super Bowl 56 more important than ever to break the current deadlock.

Not only that, but Fiona had to predict the winning team with one side being the hometown favorite. Alas; she did end up picking the Bengals and not the Rams to win this Sunday. Just imagine how the Cincy locals would react if she picked the Rams to win instead.

By the way, the late, great Harambe also sends his blessings to the Bengals from the great zoo in the sky. You are truly missed, our sweet prince of memes.

Turtle Back Zoo’s Groundhog

In the world of soothsaying groundhogs, Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil is the furry oracle that people know the most for his stunningly accurate predictions of how much longer the winter season will last. Now, the Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County, New Jersey, will give Punxsutawney Phil a run for his money with Edwina, their own fortune-telling groundhog.

Edwina’s job, though, is to predict the Super Bowl winner like one of the aforementioned critters here. However, unlike Fiona and Ron Bell before her, she predicted that the (-4.5) favorite Rams will take home the Lombardi Trophy. Only time will tell if Edwina’s first crack at a Super Bowl prediction will pay off for her and her fans in Jersey.

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