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Super Bowl 56 Bets You Shouldn’t Make

By Hank Blaine

The NFL’s Super Bowl attracts more betting action than any other single sporting event. But although the SB is a great game for handicappers to score profit, it can also lead to big time losses. Betting against the spread and on the over/under total makes sense in every Super Bowl. But each Super Bowl has specific bets that football handicappers should stay away from. Check out the list of traditional Super Bowl bets you should never make and bets specific to Super Bowl 56 which you shouldn’t make.

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Avoiding Making These Bets for Super Bowl 56

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Los Angeles Rams’ moneyline

No matter the sport, we should always look for value before deciding to make any bet. The Rams’ moneyline to win Super Bowl 56 is an underlay. Laying over $200 to make $100 in profit against a team that beat the top two seeds in their conference playoffs is a bad bet. That doesn’t mean the Rams won’t win.

It does mean that if you like Los Angeles, consider betting them against the spread and not straight up. The Rams barely beat the Buccaneers and the 49ers while the Bengals rallied down 18 points to beat the Chiefs and upset the Titans in Tennessee.

Anybody who doesn’t think the Bengals can win this game hasn’t done their homework. So don’t accept the underlay odds on the Rams to win Super Bowl 56.

Matthew Stafford to win Super Bowl MVP

Stafford could win Super Bowl MVP. But the odds aren’t high enough to warrant a bet. The odds on Staff to win Super Bowl MVP is +105. Don’t get us wrong. Stafford has played well in the last couple of playoff games and a QB does often win the award.

But the odds on Cooper Kupp, if you like the Rams, are much better. Kupp is a +650 choice. If you like the Rams, consider Kupp. Or consider Aaron Donald at +1800 to provide a defensive player MVP performance. Von Miller won the 2016 Super Bowl MVP.

If you like the Bengals, the +225 on Joe Burrow makes sense. If Cincinnati wins Super Bowl 56, Joe Burrow will be why.

Props you can’t handicap like the coin toss

It’s impossible to handicap the coin toss. So don’t bet it. Okay, if you want to have some action on the coin toss, go ahead. But don’t put too much money on the toss. Also don’t bet too much on who will sing along to the National Anthem, the color of Gatorade tossed onto the winning coach, or any other prop you can’t handicap.

First quarter props

No doubt, quarter prop betting can lead to riches. But often in the Super Bowl’s first quarter, teams are hesitant, which is why first quarter SB props can lead to disaster. This includes prop bets like which happens first, a field goal or a touchdown? It also doesn’t make sense to bet on which team scores first when you don’t even know who will get the first possession.

Stay away from first quarter props. Again, quarter prop betting can lead to profit. But there are four quarters in the Super Bowl just like there are four quarters in every football game. Wait to make quarter prop bets for the second, third, and fourth quarters.

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