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Super Bowl LVII National Anthem Prop Bets

By Hank Blaine

Super Bowl 57 props are all the rage this week. Why wouldn’t they be with the big game coming up in just a few days? One of the most popular props to bet in recent memory is on singers to go over or under the National Anthem prop bet odds total. On Sunday, this year’s singer will be Christ Stapleton, a famous country crooner with one of those old school down home voices. Will Stapleton sing Team USA’s song for over or under 2 minutes and 5 seconds?

Nitrobetting is ready to equip its bettors with the latest news, NFL odds, and special features for the duration of the 2022-23 NFL season. Let’s take a closer look at the best national anthem props to bet on during Super Bowl LVII.

A Closer Look at the Top Super Bowl LVII National Anthem Props to Bet On

Super Bowl National Anthem Over/Under Trends

  • Super Bowl 47 – Alicia Keys 2:36 – Over
  • Super Bowl 48 – Renee Fleming 2:03 – Over
  • Super Bowl 49 – Idina Menzel 2:04 – Over
  • Super Bowl 50 – Lady Gaga 2:22 – Over
  • Super Bowl 51 – Luke Bryan 2:04 – Under
  • Super Bowl 52 – Pink 1:52 – Under
  • Super Bowl 53 – Gladys Knight 2:01 – Over
  • Super Bowl 54 – Demi Lovato 1:49 – Under
  • Super Bowl 55 – Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church 2:17 – Over
  • Super Bowl 56 – Mickey Guyton 1:50 – Over

Super Bowl National Anthem Over/Under Trends

  • Over 2 Minutes & 5 Seconds -115
  • Under 2 Minutes & 5 Seconds -115

Why bet over 2 minutes & 5 seconds?

Stapleton sings country music. Country music isn’t always slow. There are plenty of fast-paced country singers, but Stapleton isn’t one of them.

Every single one of his songs uses guitar riffs, change of pace, and emphasis on certain sung phrases to get the most emotionally out of the tune. Doing those things with something like the National Anthem requires more than 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

The National Anthem was written in such a way to elicit emotion. Stapleton will sing the Anthem to get as much emotion from the audience as possible.

Why bet under 2 minutes & 5 seconds?

Although Chris Stapleton will want to elicit as much emotion as possible, he’s also a professional singer who understands the parameters of every show.

Stapleton knows that the NFL wants him to keep the length of the National Anthem to 2:05 or under. Because Chris is such a professional, it’s highly likely he does exactly what the league asks of him.

Not only that, but the National Football League is one of the most powerful organizations in the United States. So if Chris follows their rules, he figures it could open up other partnership deals.

How long will the National Anthem be?

Yes, the NFL has their parameters for things like the National Anthem and Super Bowl Halftime show. But the league also likes to give fans what they want.

On Spotify, Stapleton averages 13.5 million monthly listeners. He’s as popular as almost any country singer on the planet, which means the NFL wouldn’t have asked him to sing the Anthem if they didn’t expect him to bring along his fans.

Bottom line? The National Football League will give Chris room to run. They likely told him to try and keep his rendition of the National Anthem under 2 minute and 30 seconds for sure, but if it goes longer than 2:05, so be it. Over is the play.

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