What you need to know about Nitro Survivor Contests

By Rex

Every year, NFL survivor pools are all the buzz among die-hard and casual football fans alike. We here at Nitrobetting have been bringing the classic survivor thrills to the online realm for the past few years. Considering the immense success of our previous survivor contests, we’re now expanding the survivor experience far beyond the NFL gridiron and into the other major US sports leagues.

That being said, now’s the best time to get in on the Nitro Survivor experience. But where does one begin? Here’s a quick beginners guide for those looking to win huge stacks of Bitcoin from our celebrated Nitro Survivor contests.  

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How to Play Nitro Survivor Contests

Sign Up and Start Immediately

First off, one must have a valid Nitrobetting account to join our Nitro Survivor contests. Creating a Nitrobetting account takes less than five minutes to set up and, given that just a few personal details are required upon signing up, it’s as safe and reliable as it gets compared to other online sportsbooks. Create a Nitrobetting account now to begin your Nitro Survivor journey, as well as start pacing some stakes on the sports odds and lines on offer daily!

Survivor Basics

The goal of winning a survivor contest is simple. Every single round, survivor entrants must predict a winning team or player. In the NFL, for instance, one week in the regular season accounts for one round in a survivor pool. If the chosen team or player wins that round, that entrant advances to the next round of play. 

During the next round, however, entrants cannot pick the same teams or players that he/she has already chosen from the prior rounds. This process goes on until the very end of the contest and with the entrant(s) who made correct predictions all throughout the survivor campaign winning the prize from that survivor pool.

Head over to this link for a more in-depth look at the basic rules and guidelines for our Nitro Survivor contests.

Types of Survivor Contests

Here at Nitrobetting, we have tons of different survivor contest pools on offer. During the NFL season alone, there are multiple pools to join with varying levels of buy-in requirements catering to both novice and veteran survivor players alike. Not only that, but Nitrobetting also has FREE Nitro Survivor pools for those looking to try their hand at the Nitro Survivor action in a no-risk, all-reward manner!

This year, Nitrobetting is also introducing survivor contests beyond the 2022 NFL regular season. We’ve recently begun our WNBA Nitro Survivor contests for some sweet betting action during the sports season’s relative downtime. On top of that, we’re also set to release Nitro Survivor contests for other major sports leagues like the NBA and NHL right when their respective seasons are just around the corner!

Stay tuned here at Nitrobetting for more Nitro Survivor updates to come and best of luck to all our survivor participants looking to win the Bitcoin motherlode in 2022!

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