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BTC Benefits You will be surprised on how creative we have gotten while trying to find out ways to give you all the BTC benefits possible.
Casino Comissions You win every time. Check out how we have placed fixed commissions on all the action your players have in our casino.
Daily Stats Updates We have automated our backend with all the juicy stats you want. Check out our daily updates to keep you up at speed.
Ultra fast Payouts As your commission comes in, it goes right out! Once your player is done with every play, we send you your stake right away.
Real Time Grading We have ramped up our grading to automatic. So expect results and commissions just minutes after the action is done.
Social Sharing Perks We reward you every time you share our banners, links or information on your social media platforms. Ask us how!
Real Time Earnings Tracking Watch yours stats in real time. See how we are updating your relevant information as it is happening. It is unreal!
Ask Us Please do not hesitate to reach out to our affiliate marketing team. It is our pleasure to hear you out and help you out.

The NitroBetting Affiliate Program is a RevShare partnership program that allows you to receive a commission for every player you referred to NitroBetting. We pay you commissions based on a percentage of the activity of the players you have referred to us.

All you need to do is to fill out the registration form here to join our Affiliate Program. Once you have completed the registration process, you can immediately access your affiliate account and start promoting NitroBetting. Please read through our terms and conditions by accessing this. link

NitroBetting currently doesn’t offer a tiered system. You will NOT receive any additional earnings for every customer that your sub-affiliate refers to us.

Affiliates can’t place wagers using their Affiliate account. An affiliate needs to register and use his/her player account in order to place wagers. Please note that affiliates are forbidden to tag their own player account under him.

Affiliate shall not have more than one affiliate account. You can generate a new tracker in the affiliate portal if you need to track multiple websites.

There is no need to create a new account for every website that you own. Instead, you can create a new tracker in the affiliate portal to track all your websites or campaigns. We made it easier for you to track all your websites under one affiliate account and we will pay you a consolidated commission each month.

We offer competitive commissions and the best conversion ratios available in the industry today. Our commission rate starts at 20% but your earning potential with NitroBetting is unlimited.

Yes, we apply negative carry over to your balance. When you incur a negative balance, it will be carried over to the next month and will be applied to the succeeding months until your balance becomes positive again.

Login to your NitroBetting affiliate account here to see how much commission you already earned. Your affiliate portal contains all other important stats, reports, referral links and banners that you need.

You will receive your commissions after we tally your earnings for the month. We usually pay our affiliates on or before the 10th of the new month. If you haven’t received your commission after the 10th day of next month please inform us immediately by sending us an email to [email protected]

Yes, there are other ways of promoting NitroBetting like social media, email, forums, and more. Just make sure that you use your unique affiliate link when inviting players to NitroBetting and follow rules and regulations of the sites or social media where you are going to place your links.

Once you created your affiliate account here, you can start inviting players to NitroBetting using the tracking link provided to you in the affiliate portal.

The default cookie duration is 30 days. The player invited needs to register in NitroBetting within 30 days to be tagged under you.




NitroBetting offers a flat rate commission percentage of 20% based on the Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) of your referred players within the qualifying period. The 20% commission is applied to all net revenue generated across our sportsbook, casino, and poker for the lifetime of your players.

Commission Computation:

Commission = NGR x 20%

NGR = (Bets – Wins) – Bonus amount – Network Fee

Bonus amount is the actual bonus amount credited to your referred player and Network Fee is a value that contains the License Fee, Game Provider Fee, and Platform Fee.

Our team monitors the performance of our affiliates and will contact you directly in case you are eligible for a higher commission rate.

Affiliates will receive their commissions on or before the 10th of the new month. Please note that there is a minimum commission amount threshold of 0.01(US$100) for commission withdrawals.

We currently transact in Bitcoins only.

We only pay our affiliate commission in Bitcoin. Once you receive your commission in your Bitcoin wallet, you can then transfer, exchange it for other currencies, or withdraw.

You can instantly withdraw your commissions once we transfer it to your Bitcoin wallet.




After you log in to your affiliate account click the “Metrics” page to check your account statistics. You can find there important data such as the number of signups, commission, and deposit.

The Metrics in the affiliate portal displays real-time traffic stats and metrics anytime. These stats can help you judge whether or not your marketing strategies and campaigns are working. You will also be able to download these reports and view them offline at your convenience

You can see your past 90 days of affiliate data in the Metrics. On the other hand, Dashboard gives you a quick summary or overview of your affiliate data by day or by month.


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We only transact in Bitcoin, however, you can withdraw your commission in another currency of your choice once you receive it in your Bitcoin wallet.




We have added several NitroBetting generic marketing materials in the banners section. If the banner size is not available please let us know and we will accommodate your request.

Contact [email protected] for more information about our affiliate program, custom banners, blog posts, social artwork and more assets.
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