Keno Vegas

Play the classic game of Keno through your sportsbook account. Keno is one of the simplest and easiest games to play. It can also lead to big time profit!

What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery type game where balls with numbers 1 through 80 shoot out of a bin. If you get the correct numbers, you win.

How to Play Keno

What is keno? One of the most classic games in American casinos, Keno is easy to learn and play. By just remembering a few rules, anybody can play keno. Not only is it fun, but it can also be lucrative. Check it out!

1. Choose numbers

2. Hit the play button

3. Watch the balls match up to your numbers

4. Win big!

Keno Vegas Rules

1. You can play up to 15 numbers

2. You must play at least 1 number

3. You can stake .50 to $1,000 per round

4. Click Lucky Dip for the VR Keno game to choose your numbers

5. Click Auto Play and decide how many rounds to automatically play.