Keno Vegas

Keno Vegas

Play the traditional game of keno Vegas-style. Head to the Keno Vegas game, choose your numbers and win money.

What is Keno Vegas casino game?

Keno Vegas brings the traditional game of keno to you. You can play keno on your desktop or mobile phone.

Like in a Vegas casino keno game, you choose your numbers and decide how much you wish to bet. If the keno machine delivers the numbers you chose, you win! 

How to play Keno Vegas?

  1. Choose your stake
  2. Pick your numbers or click Lucky Dip.
  3. Click start
  4. You can also set up Auto Play

If the keno machine delivers your numbers, you win.

Keno Vegas Features

Balance – The amount of money in your playing account

Stake – Your bet amount for the upcoming keno game

Win – The total amount won

Clear – Clear the current game board


Play the traditional game of keno and make money. Choose your stake, decide if you want Lucky Dip, hit start, and win at playing Keno Vegas!

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