Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Secret Agent Spy your way to profits. Spin the wheels, roll the dice, step into a sports car, and defuse the bomb on your way to making money!

What is Secret Agent? Secret Agent is a thrilling spy-themed game that’s sure to keep you entertained. The game includes classic symbols from James Bond spy movies.

How bonuses work in Secret Agent Winning symbols: Dice, Casino Chips, Sports Car, GPS Watch, Martini, Scuba Goggles, Helicopter, Gun, Nuclear Missile, and 13 seconds Bomb.

All symbols can pay x3, x4, or x5.

Briefcase Win Symbol: Briefcase Wild symbols expand to cater for the entire wheel where the wild is present. Wilds can count as all symbols.

Win multiplier: Any win can trigger a multiplier. Players can multiply winnings up to x5. Once a multiplier has triggered, players cannot change their coin value or the lines they are playing.

Revolver Wheel Bonus: Revolver wheel bonus games start after five of a kind. Depending on where your five of a kind lands, you can play one of three Revolver Wheel Bonus games!

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