Pirate 21 is a multi-hand Blackjack that allows you to play up to 3 simultaneous hands of Blackjack. The Dealer Match bonus side game gives you the chance for an additional win. Each hand plays only against the dealer, independently of other hands. Six Pirate decks of cards are used to play. Your goal is to draw cards until your hands are up to 21 or comes close with going over. If your first two cards total 21, you have Blackjack.

A Pirate deck contains no 10s. This works against the player with regular Blackjack rules, but it has plenty of additional rules that favor the player: No Insurance bet, Player 21 always wins, Player Blackjack beats dealer Blackjack, the player may double on any number of cards, Players may resplit aces, Players may hit as usual and double down after splitting aces, etc.