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How to Bet 2023 March Madness

By Hank Blaine

In three weeks, the best teams in NCAA men’s college basketball throw down in the annual March Madness tournament. This season, it’s difficult to know which teams will get which seed, much less which squads deserve backing to win and cover games. With that in mind, see below for betting tips that should help you navigate the Big Dance.

A Closer Look on How to Bet the 2023 March Madness Tournament

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Unless you’re handicapping a game that involves a 1 or 2, don’t pay too much attention to the seedings

Teams seeded 1 or 2 have a huge edge when it comes to winning the NCAA Tournament. But early on, even 1s and 2s will struggle to cover spreads.

The biggest issue when it comes to seedings is that the Selection Committee doesn’t have much idea of whether or not, as an example, a team like Iona can hang with Purdue. So don’t worry about seeds when handicapping early round games.

Unless there’s a good reason, always bet against Big Ten teams to cover

Michigan State made the Final Four in 2019. So Big Ten teams don’t always fail. But, for the most part, Big Ten squads struggle to cover spreads.

The theory is that because the Big Ten is so deep, teams take turns beating each other up during the regular season and in the Big Ten Tournament. Once the March Madness Tournament starts, most Big Ten teams are gassed.

Tournament coaches are called tournament coaches for a reason

In 2022, Coach K took Duke to the Final Four in his last season. Bill Self took Kansas to the Final Four and ended up winning the National Championship.

Jay Wright took Villanova to the Final Four. North Carolina was the other team that made it to the championship weekend.

This season, Nova is a disaster. So Wright won’t have chance. North Carolina may also miss out on a trip to the Big Dance. Coach K retired. So Duke shouldn’t make the Final Four.

But Bill Self has Kansas rolling into the final regular season stretch. Other tournament coaches to keep in mind once the tournament starts are John Calipari at Kentucky, Tony Bennett at Virginia, Kelvin Sampson at Houston, and Scott Drew at Baylor.

Conference tournament trophies don’t always translate to deep NCAA Tournament runs

Last season, Iowa beat Purdue in the Big Ten Tournament Final and lost in the first round at the NCAA Tournament.

Tennessee beat Texas A&M in last year’s SEC Tournament Championship and lost to Michigan in the NCAA Tournament second round. On the flip side, Villanova won the Big East tourney and scored a Final Four berth.

Kansas won the Big 12 Tournament and then won the National Championship. So teams that win their conference tournament can perform well. But it’s not a foregone conclusion.

Guards and style of play trumps regular season records

If you’re having trouble deciding which team to back to cover a spread, check out each teams’ guards and watch their style of play. If a team has excellent guards but plays a slower style, they should out perform the up tempo team.

The reason? Guards that can control the pace of a game are much more valuable in the NCAA Touranment than hot shooting guards that like to run up and down the court. Possessions matter in tournament games. So guards that can run a half court set to perfection often lead their teams to straight up wins and covers.

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