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Nitrobetting’s Guide to March Madness Brackets

By Jeff Stinger

Whether you’re a die-hard college basketball fan or a casual one, there’s no denying the excitement and fun that March Madness brackets deliver in anticipation of the national tournament. From high-rollers with tons of inside knowledge to your non-sports fan colleague at work who just filled out a bracket for their office pool, everybody has a fantastic chance of ending up with the best bracket predictions.

To get started, head over to the link below to download and/or print the official March Madness bracket template (courtesy of the NCAA’s main website):

LINK: Printable March Madness Brackets

Right after all the conference championships of a given college basketball season, there is a day dedicated by the NCAA to what is called Selection Sunday. This is the day when the qualified teams for the national tournament are determined and where they slot in the tourney in terms of seeding. There will be printable March Madness brackets on the net as well with all the 68 teams already filled out shortly after the conclusion of Selection Sunday.

From there, that’s when the fun really begins. The 68 best Division I college basketball teams in the nation will partake in a two-week, single-elimination tournament to decide the national college basketball champion. Do note that March Madness brackets apply to both the men’s and women’s national tournaments so there’s more than one way to partake in the March Madness fever!

Simply predict how the national tournament will play out from start to finish, culminating with your best prediction on who the inevitable national champion will be. The main goal, first and foremost, is to predict the correct champion. 

Other people from your same pool in the contest may predict the same team to come out on top, though. In most cases, the prize pot is not split that easily between the ones who predicted the national champion correctly. Otherwise, the bracket itself would not have been necessary if the goal was to guess the next national champ alone. That’s where your predictions from the earlier rounds come into play, as each correct prediction from the preceding rounds will add up to your total prediction score to serve as a tiebreaker with the other players who predicted the same and correct national champion.

3 Quick Tips on How to Make the Best March Madness Bracket Predictions

1. Fill out more than one bracket. The mindset here is simple: more brackets means more chances of winning. For as long as the March Madness brackets contest you’re playing in allows for multiple entries/buy-ins, make the most out of those extra opportunities to win, and be sure to diversify your predictions as well to maximize those odds of winning.

2. Take note of who the conference champions are. We’re not just talking about the champions from the powerhouse conferences where most top-25 teams in the nation come from. Keep tabs on the conference champions from mid-major conferences as well, as they’ve historically been some of the most exciting and surprising teams to follow in the national tournament. 

Cinderella stories are commonplace in the Big Dance, so it would be best to do a little research about the mid-major programs that are capable of staging upsets. Be sure to sprinkle some of these lesser-known teams to advance in your March Madness brackets, especially if they have favorable matchups against their opponents as you start to fill out your bracket even deeper.

3. Get ready for a lot of upsets. Do not be discouraged when your predictions don’t pan out exactly how you expected in the first few rounds. The odds of predicting a perfect bracket from start to end is literally one in 9.2 quintillions (that’s 18 zeroes!).

In other words, those are virtually impossible odds to overcome. Hence the reason why we encourage you to fill out more than one bracket as permitted. When one of your brackets is over with the prediction for the national champion getting eliminated early, at least you have other bracket predictions to fall back to and keep your March Madness bracket journey still going strong in another bracket.

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