Nitrobetting Bitcoin Contests 101: The basics of Bitcoin Picks, Squares, and Brackets

Nitrobetting sportsbook is unique in a number of ways, and one of the reasons it stands out the most among other online Bitcoin betting sportsbooks is its triumvirate of Nitro Games, namely Bitcoin Picks, Bitcoin Squares, and Bitcoin Brackets. We will be discussing each of these types of contests below along with everything you need to know about joining and winning them.

The different types of Nitrobetting contests

Bitcoin Picks

A Bitcoin Picks contest presents a set of unique matchups, each with two predictions. These matchups are commonly, but are not limited to, game outcomes, player/s stats, and spread results. To win a Bitcoin Picks contest, you should be able to come up with the most number of correct picks by the end of the contest’s duration. Click here for more details about Bitcoin Picks.

Bitcoin Squares

Each Bitcoin Squares contest presents a grid composed of 100 squares. Each square contains a unique two-digit combination. A contestant can pick whichever square/s is available before a predetermined deadline. For a contestant to win a Bitcoin Squares contest, the square he/she had chosen should exactly reflect the order of the last two digits of the final score/statistical outcome of the provided matchup beforehand.

The first digit in the winning square is also the first digit of the winning team/higher outcome in the matchup. The second digit in the winning square is also the second digit in the losing team/lower outcome in the matchup. There could be instances where the order will follow a different order, but in such cases, it will be clearly displayed on the page of the particular Bitcoin Squares contest. Click here for more details about Bitcoin Squares.

Bitcoin Brackets

If you are familiar with March Madness brackets contest, then this one should be fairly easy to understand. But even those who are new to this kind of contest will find its concept very elementary. In Bitcoin Brackets contest, there will be an initial set field of matchups. Each of these matchups will have a winner and it will be up to the player how he/she will predict the outcome. Every winner of these matchups will move on to the next round, with each correct pick getting a corresponding number of points depending on which round the prediction was made.

The main challenge for the players is to get as many correct predictions as they can on all the matchups. A certain amount of point/s will be awarded to each correct prediction, depending on which round the correct pick is made. The player/s with the most number of points at the end of the contest will win. Click here for more details about Bitcoin Brackets.

The different ways to join a contest

Joining any Bitcoin Picks, Squares, Brackets contest can give one an immensely thrilling experience. But how exactly can you partake in them for a chance to rake in Bitcoin earnings?


The easiest Nitrobetting contest to join is a Free one. Free contests only require a player to have a verified Nitrobetting account to gain entry. Just like this type of contest, creating a safe and anonymous Nitrobetting account is absolutely free.

Betslip Buy-in

Although it is called a buy-in contest, you can see why a Betslip Buy-(BSB) in Nitrobetting contest is just another form of a FREE contest. While a betslip is required to be submitted to enter a BSB contest, you aren’t really paying anything for it. Instead, you are only making a savvy move to extract even more value out of your bet.

To join a BSB contest, you only have to submit a valid betslip that conforms to the parameters stated in a specific contest. Find out more about the details of Nitrobetting Betslip Buy-in contest here.

BTC Buy-in

In BTC Buy-in contests, players simply need to pay the stated BTC amount for each contest to gain entry. Since real BTC is used to join, players can expect more lucrative prizes for winners of contests under this category.