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Super Bowl LV MVP Odds, Picks and Prediction

By Hank Blaine

At the end of every Super Bowl, there’s a player that will stand out of the rest. One that went beyond their usual abilities and create a spectacular show, along with amazing football in the process. Anyone can be the MVP of a season, but not everyone has the chance to become the Super Bowl MVP.

For this season, we have a duel of Quarterbacks. This is not putting the other players from both teams aside. All of them have done a great job, hence they got to the big game. But we all know what the bigger story is. Who will become the top Quarterback after this Sunday?

Patrick Mahomes heads to his second Super Bowl, after winning last year’s Lombardi Trophy against the 49ers, winning the Super Bowl MVP award in the process. On the other hand, we have a 20+ years veteran, six-time Super Bowl champion, MVP award winning player that is Tom Brady, considered by many as the GOAT. Can the old gunslinger beat the new kid in town? We take a look at the latest Super Bowl LV MVP odds, player previews and give our expert pick.

Odds to Win the Super Bowl LV MVP Award

  • Patrick Mahomes -120
  • Tom Brady +200
  • Travis Kelce +1000
  • Tyreek Hill +1000
  • Leonard Fournette +2500
  • Mike Evans +2800
  • Chris Goodwin +3000
  • Tyrann Mathieu +3000
  • Devin White +3000
  • Clyde Edwards-Healire +3500
  • Shaquil Barrett +4500
  • Mecole Hardman +5000
  • Antonio Brown +5500
  • Ronald Jones +5500
  • Darrell Williams +6600
  • Sammy Watkins +6600
  • Chris Jones +6600
  • Frank Clark +6600
  • Cameron Brate +6600
  • Willie Gray +6600
  • Scotty Miller +6600
  • Rob Gronkowski +6600

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Will Patrick Mahomes Repeat as the Super Bowl MVP?

There’s no doubt he was going to be the favorite to win the award again, based on last year’s performance. It’s interesting that it wasn’t the best performance, despite the fact the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV.

Looking at this season’s performance, he did quite well. He stands in 2nd place for total passing yards, 4,740, and a QBR of 108.2. He has thrown 38 touchdowns, placing him in 4th place. No interceptions so far, plus 4 touchdowns his made so far.

This is all impressive, but it’s important to consider his recent postseason performance. He got injured against the Cleveland Browns during the Divisional Round. It wasn’t for sure if he was going to play against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship. He got cleared to play, though he wasn’t 100%. Now, winning the prize two times in a row is tough task, so there’s pressure on him.

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Can Tom Brady Win Another Super Bowl MVP Award?

TB12 is making his 10th appearance in the Super Bowl and this time, it’s not with the New England Patriots or any other AFC team. After signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2020/21 season, Brady brought his knowledge to a team that desperately needed help, which he has undoubtedly given.

Looking at his stats, he stands in 3rd place in total passing yards with 4,633, with 40 passing touchdowns (2nd place). But his QBR is in 9th place at 102.2. He’s had 12 passes intercepted so far, placing him at 6th place on the list.

Of course, it’s not the usual performance we’ve seen from Brady. But it tense situations like the Super Bowl, he steps up to the plate. He’s the only Quarterback to have won the Super Bowl MVP four times. And who knows what will happen after this season. Who knows, maybe he wants to retire after this, but with another Super Bowl ring and MVP award, then ride off to the sunset. Anything can happen with Tom Brady on the field.

Super Bowl MVP Stats

As we take a quick look back into NFL history, Quarterbacks have won the award a total of 30 times. They are usually the most common player to receive it. It’s pretty much a safe bet going with a quarterback, but never leave other player positions of out the fold.

There have been other player positions to have won it. For wide receivers, seven players have won the award, same amount goes for running backs. Linebackers have won it four times. Defensive ends and Safeties have both won it two times. The only player positions to have one it once are a cornerback, a kick returner and a defensive tackle.

Super Bowl LV MVP Betting Prediction

If we just look at their seasonal performance, we can definitely say Mahomes is the wise choice within the Super Bowl LV odds. But looking at history, it is very rare for the same player to win two times in a row. Not even Brady has been able to do that.

These two have met before and know how each other plays. In that encounter, the Chiefs won 24-27. Just 3 points gave them the win. One thing that usually stands out is that the team that wins the Super Bowl, also has a player that wins the award. I have a feeling Brady will step up to the plate and become the Super Bowl MVP again and make his legacy even larger than what it is. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens on February 7th!

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