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Capitalizing on Live Sports Betting Action

By Hank Blaine

One of the best ways for handicappers to profit betting on sports is to make in-game plays. In-game plays, or live betting, is comparable to day trading stocks. A day trader may purchase a stock in the morning and then sell during the day. Some day traders buy and sell the same stock multiple times in a day.

In-play betting allows us to utilize the same method that day traders use. The only difference is that when we make in-play bets, we can’t sell our wager. We can bet on the same game during the entirety of the game, which means we can have multiple bets going on for a single sports event.

Top Strategies to Profit From In-Play Betting

Don’t bet until after the game has started

One of the best ways to make money with in-play betting is to wait until a game has started before making your bet. For example, if you like the Kansas City Chiefs against the spread versus the Las Vegas Raiders, wait until a score before backing either team.

If you like the Chiefs and KC scores first, you may have to lay more points, but at least you know Kansas City is on their way to a cover. If the Raiders score first, you can play the Chiefs at discounted odds, meaning if the Chiefs were at -6 before the game began, they are likely to be at -5 or even -3 depending on whether the Raiders got a field goal or touchdown.

Ride the hot team

A great strategy is to make zero conclusions before a game begins and then bet according to the hot team. For example, Arizona was a -21 underdog against the USC Trojans in a game that happened in 2023.

The Wildcats scored a field goal and a touchdown to go up 10-0 over USC. If you had bet the Wildcats at that time, you would have backed the hot team.

USC won the game but they did so by 2 points, which means Arizona would have covered no matter if you bet them at -21 or when they were up 10-0. Waiting to see if Arizona was good enough to hang with USC provided reassurance, though.

Push your before start of game against the spread or money line bet

A terrific strategy is to push your before the game ATS or money line bet. If you feel great about a wager, if you thought for sure Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers were going to punish the Dallas Cowboys, then you don’t worry so much about ATS odds.

You bet on Purdy and SF before the game kicks off and you bet on Purdy and SF during the game. The key is to be absolutely sure about your bet. So if you have any doubts, don’t employ this in-game strategy.

Go against what you and the public are seeing

This strategy works when you like a team to cover the spread but you don’t like the spread odds. Often, a very good team like the Georgia Bulldogs or Kansas City Chiefs start off slow.

Before a game starts, Georgia might be a -30 favorite against Florida. Once the game starts, Florida kicks a field goal and goes up 3. The line is likely to drop to UGA -24 to -26. So if you liked Georgia before, you get a chance to bet the Bulldogs at -26.

No matter what strategies you use, remember, they’re just strategies. You must still be on the right side of the bet to cash. So don’t forget about basic handicapping, keep your emotions in check, and always manage your bankroll.

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