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How Does The MLS League System Work?

By Jeff Stinger

Major League Soccer holds a regular season running between February or early March to October. Unlike European leagues, the MLS follows a format closer to a greater part of North American sports. Bettors looking to expand their knowledge interested in placing MLS bets can get more acquainted with the league down below.

MLS League System Explained

MLS Regular Season

A total of 28 MLS clubs are divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences. Each team plays 34 games in a campaign, one home and away, against every team in its conference. In addition, the clubs play a game against all but four or five teams in the opposite conference.

The highest level of professional football in the United States and Canada compete for two significant titles: Supporters’ Shield and MLS Cup. The former is awarded to the team that holds the best regular-season record across both conferences. Meanwhile, the latter is the biggest accolade of the league, which is bestowed to the end-of-season playoff winners.

MLS Playoffs

Starting October, the MLS Cup playoffs feature the annual postseason elimination tournament. Here, the top seven teams from each conference get through to the playoffs and compete in a knockout format.

Each conference leader gets the benefit of a first-round bye, while the remaining six teams take on one another. All rounds follow a single-match elimination format. The higher seeded teams get home advantage. Ultimately, the arrangement of the first round consists of the second versus seventh-seeded teams, third versus sixth, and fourth versus fifth.

Winners of the fourth versus fifth-seeded teams book a match against the conference leader, while the other semi-final pits together winners of the other two first-round games. After the competitors narrow down to four remaining clubs in each conference, they play until the winner of each final gets a spot in December’s MLS Cup Final. This conclusion sees a clash between the last standing Eastern and Western Conference teams, with home advantage going to the team with the best regular-season record.

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