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Multi-Hand Blackjack V2 at NitroBetting: How to play and win

By Carlos Chacon

What happens when a fast-paced and exhilarating card game like Blackjack is amplified even more with the ability to play multiple hands simultaneously?

NitroBetting has the answer in Multi-Hand Blackjack V2; the latest and most exciting version of online blackjack yet that will surely have blackjack enthusiasts coming back more than five times over. Here’s a quick rundown of what one can expect from Multi-Hand Blackjack V2.

What is Multi-Hand Blackjack V2?

Multi-Hand Blackjack V2 is an online tabletop card game created by the leader in online casino game development, Concept Gaming.

Multi-Hand Blackjack V2 plays like any normal game of Blackjack would, except with a slight twist. Instead of playing a single hand per betting round, a player can play up to five hands simultaneously against the dealer.

Playing multiple hands turns the strategy of single-player Blackjack on its head. By having more than one hand per round, the player will also see more cards from the deck the more hands he/she plays. In turn, determining the odds of the dealer having a better hand also changes while also asking the player to make more strategic plays as for how each hand will be played.

How does Multi-Hand Blackjack V2 work?

Blackjack’s main objective is for a player to reach a hand value of 21 without going over that limit whilst also having a higher number than what the dealer’s hand is.

The player and the dealer will each be dealt two cards apiece. The dealer is required to reveal the second card dealt face up for the entire table to see. Face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) have a default value of 10, whilst the value of Aces can either be worth 1 or 11.

In Multi-Hand Blackjack V2, however, the player has the option to play between one and five hands in a single round of action. That player can simply drag his/her desired bet into one of the five hand slots on the table before asking the dealer to deal the cards for the round.

From there on, the player has the option of drawing a card or “hitting” to increase the value of his/her current hand to try and get as close to 21 without going over that number, which is also referred to as going “bust”. As such, Aces are the most valuable cards in Blackjack, as one can hit the titular “Blackjack” hand by having an Ace and a 10-card or any one of the face cards in an opening hand.

Any combination of an Ace along with a card valued at 10 results in a sum total of 21, which also leads to an instant victory for the player. Players can also change the value of an Ace card as they see fit depending on the situation. For example: if a player would bust with an Ace in hand with an inherent value of 11, that Ace can also be lowered to a value of 1 in order for the player to hit or draw additional cards in another attempt to reach 21 with his/her given hand.

Where can I play Multi-Hand Blackjack V2?

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