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How to Bet on NCAA Basketball

By Hank Blaine

College Basketball is a huge favorite in BTC betting in the US, its actually one of the most. Hundreds of games take place in just one single season all over the US.

With such a popular sport, people tend to get a tad bit over-excited and involved in the game, which, like with most other popular sports, leads to ways of making big money by placing wagers and bets.

Betting on College Basketball is mostly legal in the US. And there are several ways one can place their bets and earn money. You just need some basic knowledge to start. This article will help you with that, let you in on some of the most popular betting options.

Point Spreads (Sides)

Betting with point spreads is pretty easy. The sportsbook assigns a number to balance each team. In the end, the spread number is subtracted from the team’s score, and if your team has more points, you win the wager. For underdogs, the spread points are added to the total.

To explain better, let’s assign Team A +10 and Team B -10 spread points. If you bet on A, and A beats B or loses by less than 12 points, you win. You lose it if A loses by more than 12 points. If you bet on B, then you win only if they beat A by more than 12 points. A win by less than 12 points means you lose. If B wins by exactly 10 points then you get your money back.

Money Lines

Money lines is a direct way to bet. You will win the bet if the team you bet on takes the gam. Straight forward right? You only need to keep in mind the underdogs and favorites.

You’ll need to bet more money on the favorites if you want to make a profit and less on the underdogs to do so.

Totals (Over/Unders)

Do you think you know how the final result will be? Perhaps a low or high scoring match? Then bet on the scoreboard! The sportsbook releases a score for the end of the match, you bet that the final total will be over or under that number. You win if you predict right.


Parlay is a combination of bets (sides and totals). Every individual wager has to win for you to win your money. It has a very minimal amount of risk and has excellent returns. The payouts are for -110 bets. You can parlay on the favorites in money lines but the profit would be a lot less there.


If you think the spread points assigned are not to your liking, you go with Teasers that adjust the point spreads or totals to whatever you prefer. For two teams, if you want to adjust the spread by 5 points, the payout will be -110, for 5½, -120, and so on.

Props and Halftimes

The online sportsbook releases prop bets on the matches that are telecasted on national television and live streamed on main web channels. You can bet on as many things as you like and earn a lot. It has innumerous possibilities, you just need to be an expert. In Halftimes, instead of putting your wager on the whole game, you only bet on the halves.

NCAA Basketball Futures

Normally, you will see these betting options before and during the season. Although, as 2020 has played out, all the games will surely not be available.

Team Wins

Bettors can bet on over/under team win totals. If team A win total was 7.5, you can bet whether they will win more or less than seven games that season. Scheduling in 2020 has tampered all regular betting, so not options will be available.


Bettors can place wagers to the team they think will win the conference championship during the season, odd are adjusted every week. Team A, for example, started off the season with -180 odds to win the SEC. That means $180 to win $100 if team A wins the SEC. Team B is +400, meaning you bet $100 to win $400 if team B takes the conference title.

National Championship (March Madness)

Very similar to conference betting, the March Madness odds will be listed during the season and are updated weekly. Let us remind you, these betting options will be hard to find in 2020, as the Pac 12 and Big 10 postponed their start of season.

Season Player Props

These are betting options where bettors can predict stats totals for a certain college basketball player. It could be anything from over/under for points, rebounds, etc.

NCAA Basketball Betting Conclusion

Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to bet and earn money through college basketball. Now go and be the person you dreamed to be! Time is money, right?

There are so many, superstitions, favorites, factors that weigh in when betting that we can’t possibly name them all here now. However, we hope this guide will help you get started.

No matter you get beat down in the beginning, remember to always have fun with all the action. Feel free to visit our online BTC Sportsbook with all the latest NCAA Basketball odds.

And if you’re looking to learn more how to bet on other sports, be sure to check out our exclusive Nitrobetting Sports guides. Happy betting!

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