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Nitrobetting’s Guide on How to Play Crash Games

By Jeff Stinger

There are countless online casino games in our Nitrobetting gaming collection; among them are relatively new additions to the online gaming world in the form of crash games. These games provide a unique spin on the casino betting fun that we’ve come to love and know, and getting started with crash games is as easy as can be.

What are Crash Games?

A crash game is a simple yet very rewarding way for online casino gamers to place stakes on some fast-paced betting action. All crash games use Random Number Generators (RNGs) developed by the most trusted developers in the online gaming world. 

Players can place bets using cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Here at Nitrobetting, we mainly accept cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin (BTC).

How to Play Crash Games

Each round in a crash game starts with a 0.0x multiplier, which players can place their bets on before the round starts. Once the round has started, the multiplier will slowly increase until it “crashes” or when the multiplier stops increasing. Once the round has crashed, players will be paid out according to the bet amount times the multiplier value.

For example: if a player bets 10 mBTC and the multiplier crashes at 2.5x, the player will be awarded roughly 25 mBTC as his/her winnings for the round. It’s that simple!

Do note that a house edge is applied to all crash games online. The house is around 1-3% depending on the game title or developer. This means the players’ net winnings are about 97-99% of the final payout per round played.

There are auto bet and auto cash-out features found in most crash games for added convenience for players looking to run multiple crash games at once. The auto bet and auto cash-out options can be toggled on or off on any given crash game’s interface. 

Players can also place multiple bets of varying amounts for each round of a crash game. However, certain titles have defined bet limits for each bet that should be taken into consideration beforehand.

Crash Games on Nitrobetting

There are currently five crash games ready for action in our Nitro Casino gaming library:

  • Bust and Win
  • Fortune Tumble
  • Hyper Xplorer
  • Muscle Tussle
  • The Last Quack

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