Basic Online Poker Strategies

What makes online poker such a fun and interesting game to both play and watch is the level of strategy a player applies to his/her game with the luck factor thrown in for good measure. Online poker is an easy game to pick up and a hard game to master, especially with the competition getting stiffer as players develop their own skills. That being said,… Read More

Understanding Poker Hand Rankings

All variations of poker revolve around one universal rule: the hierarchy of winning hands in the game. We at Nitrobetting are here to assist players through our NitroBetting poker guides. Those who want to understand winning poker hand combinations, read on. We’ll discuss poker hand rankings in this quick guide, with the game’s winning hands ranked from highest to lowest value. Whether it’s the… Read More

Jacks or Better Strategy Guide

Video poker is game of knowledge, skill and basic mathematics. A Player with simple knowledge of poker or having zero knowledge of the poker can also play with little practice. The same goes for this variation called Jacks or Better. This can be played in our Nitrobetting BTC casino under the poker games tab. The card combination is the key… Read More

Top 10 Soccer Bitcoin Betting Tips

Mostly because of the vast popularity of soccer worldwide, it’s the most bet sport across the globe. It’s also very easy to wager on soccer betting lines. Despite the simplicity, your ultimate success will be determined by the methods you employ when betting. Here are the top 10 tactics to keep your soccer betting action cashing in regularly, especially if you are… Read More

NFL Offseason Bitcoin Betting Guide

Just because an NFL season has come to an end doesn’t mean that Bitcoin sports betting ceases as well. When the free agency period begins and the draft has been completed, a large number of future bets hit the board. While it’s not best to go full throttle with offseason NFL betting, there are some strategies on how to bet on… Read More

Boxing Bitcoin Betting Guide

There are some basic things to make note of before becoming lucrative with BTC betting. Having a strong idea of the types of bets available for boxing is essential. Another obvious thing is to be very familiar with the boxing event you wish to bet on. Next, be sure to remain cognizant on value bets. After all, it does no good to… Read More

Tennis Bitcoin Betting Tips

Many sports involve several factors when placing at bet, largely due to the fact that multiple players play roles in determining the result. However, Bitcoin betting on a sport like tennis is great option for sports gambling. A match simply depends on two players for singles and four players for doubles. Although simple in context, putting cash in your pocket consistently requires… Read More

How to Bet on DOTA 2

Esports has been all the craze since the turn of the millennium, and professional video game sports leagues have Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) to thank for the boom of the eSports scene in general. In turn, sportsbooks have already regarded betting on DOTA 2 matches and tournaments are just as lucrative as that of their counterparts from the live professional sports realm;… Read More

The World of Esports Betting

With millions of gamers and thousands of global tournaments played each year, computer games are rising and becoming one of the most mainstream sports in History. And in the world of online Bitcoin sports betting, it’s getting bigger and bigger. In the middle of all this comes a new breed of superstardom, the Esports Superstar. The best players in the world, from… Read More

BTC Betting Strategies for Top Sports

It’s likely that if you are reading this, you are a fan of several sports and like to betting with Bitcoin on a variety of events. Think about your BTC betting strategies and ask yourself if they differ from sport to sport. If so, you have to change your approach and pick a betting strategy based on your top sport. This will… Read More