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Tour de France Bitcoin Betting Guide

By Carlos Chacon

The Tour de France is the biggest cycling event and is arguably the toughest race the sport has to offer. It’s a race that features over 2,000 miles of cycling in just a few days, featuring the toughest professional athletes from around the globe.

Rated as the second-most watched sport on live television, behind the FIFA World Cup, it’s only fitting that Nitrobetting offers a market for cycling odds. You can find Tour de France betting odds and a plethora of major cycling events on Nitrobetting. The odds selection is readily available before the race, featuring outrights and futures odds.

How to Bet on the Tour de France with Bitcoin

There are several pointers to consider when betting on the Tour de France with Bitcoin. You have to keep up with the race schedule, which features three weeks of racing and daily odds with two rest days between. Nitrobetting makes sure you get the latest odds on time.

Having ample knowledge of the different betting markets for the event works to your advantage. With that, let’s take a look at some of the options available:

  • Overall winner: Who will wear the yellow Jersey after over 2,000 miles of racing through French roads and the Alps? Betting on the overall winner is the go-to choice for both beginner and experienced punters.
  • Points winner: This bet is for the Green Jersey winner. Versatility is rewarded in the event as well. The rider that gets the most points in stage finishes and intermediate sprints receives this award at the end of the three-week event. Generally, sprinters hold the advantage in this category.
  • Climber’s classification: These odds are for winners of the Polka Dot jersey. The mountains are where the race is usually decided, and this award goes to the best climber in the race. It is won by collecting the most points on mountain top finishes and King of the Mountain segments. Moreover, the overall winner is likely to get this award, too.
  • Stage winner: There are over 20 chances to back a stage winner at the Tour. Each stage follows a different format, so it doesn’t matter if you prefer betting on sprinters, climbers, or time trial specialists, this is the type of bet for you.
  • Tour de France Bitcoin Betting Tips

    Now that you have a good idea of betting on the Tour de France with Bitcoin works, here are a few betting strategies you can employ to strengthen your picks. First, make sure you go through performances in previous stage races such as the Vuelta a España.

    Monitoring the times is increasingly important, especially if you fancy betting on time trials. Each year introduces different route formats. The 2019 route included a pair of 17-mile individual time trial stages. If you’re deep into numbers and individual performances, keeping track of time gives more foundation to your bets.

    Last but not least, check the overall condition of the teams. Keep an eye out for injury news before the event. Furthermore, choose riders surrounded by a solid supporting cast. A cyclist is only as good as his team. Having enough help during certain stages is a major factor for stage winners.

    Where to bet on Tour de France with Bitcoin

    Choosing a secure sportsbook to bet on the Tour de France with Bitcoin is crucial. Thankfully, Nitrobetting encompasses the best sporting events in the world, including one of the oldest multi-day cycling events in history. Our platform combines diverse odds, safe betting, lucrative bonuses and promotions, exclusive events, and reliable customer support. Put this all together and you are guaranteed rewarding experiences day in and out.

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