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2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix F1 Odds, Preview, and Prediction

By Hank Blaine

With two races left, Max Verstappen’s lead over rival Lewis Hamilton has dived to 8 points. Hamilton is the hotter driver heading to Sunday’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. For the first time, Formula 1 will race in Saudi Arabia. Will Hamilton notch his fourth straight? Or will Verstappen end the win streak? Check out more information for Sunday’s massive Saudi Arabian GP?

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2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Race Info

  • When: Sunday, Dec. 5 at 9:30 am ET
  • Where: Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Saudi Arabia
  • Live Stream: Formula1.com
  • Circuit Length: 6.174 km
  • Laps: 50
  • Number of Corners: 27

This year’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is the inaugural running

For the first time in F1 history, drivers and crews will race in Saudi Arabia. The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a 6.174 kilometer course. Drivers will race for 50 laps. Since this is the first time driving over the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, an underdog might have a chance to win. Also, many consider the Jeddah to be the fastest street course on the Formula 1 schedule. In simulations, average speeds for F1 cars have exceeded 160 miles per hour.

Can Lewis Hamilton win a third straight?

Hamilton won the Brazilian GP and then took the checkered flag in the last race, the Qatar Grand Prix. Lewis is on fire right now. So, yes, he can definitely win his third straight. What Mercedes and Hamilton know is that even though he’s in his best form, Verstappen still has the lead. So don’t expect Hamilton to let up in Saudi Arabia, especially, with just a single race after the Saudi Grand Prix.

Will Max Verstappen turn the tables on his top rival?

Verstappen does want to win, but he could decide to try for a podium finish on Sunday and then go all out in Abu Dhabi. Max took the Etihad Airways 2020 event, which means he and his crew might decide to just keep Hamilton in their sights and then go for the title finish in the final race.

Can Valtteri Bottas bounce back in the Saudi Arabian GP?

It doesn’t appear Bottas bounces back. Valtteri has just two more F1 races under the Mercedes colors. The relationship hasn’t soured. But knowing Valtteri is out the door, Mercedes isn’t putting much effort into his car. A top three finish can happen because Bottas is that talented. However, it’s likely he doesn’t go all out unless it’s to help Hamilton, his teammate for so many years. We’ll see what happens. But it’s a good bet Bottas doesn’t step to the podium.

Which among the other drivers has the best shot to perform well?

Among the four drivers, Sergio Perez deserves the longest look. Perez had to retire last year due to a power unit issue. He will want to make up for that performance. Also, Perez finished fourth behind Fernando Alonso in Qatar, which means Sergio has a couple of third place and a couple of fourth place finishes in the last four races.

Perez should finish either third or fourth in this. If Perez goes for it instead of helping out teammate Max Verstappen, he can pull off the upset. If not, he should still be in line for a step to the podium.

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*All odds stated are subject to change without prior notice.