2022 Brooklyn Nets Are the Most Disappointing Super Team Ever

During the offseason, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers were the consensus favorites to win the 2021-22 NBA title. But as we all know now, the Nets joined the Lakers as two of the biggest letdowns in recent memory. Brooklyn was swept in the first round by Boston, with the Celtics getting their due revenge from last year’s postseason. What exactly led to the drastic downfall of this promising and uber-talented Nets squad?

Nitrobetting is ready to dish out some timely assists to our bettors all throughout the 2022 NBA Playoffs. This time, let’s take a quick break from the intense playoff action to look back at the three biggest reasons why the 2021-22 Brooklyn Nets are the most disappointing super team in NBA history.

3 Reasons Why the 2022 Brooklyn Nets Are the Most Disappointing Super Team Ever

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No Turning Vax for Kyrie

From the moment that Kyrie Irving made it known that he would not be getting the COVID-19 vaccine, fans knew better not to believe that the Nets could have sustained success at home without the third member of their Big Three. Irving wasn’t allowed to play without proper vaccination in Brooklyn due to New York’s state laws, and his missed games led to just one of Brooklyn’s many problems.

This entire season, the outstanding trio of Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden played just two games together. And speaking of Harden, his commitment to get his very first NBA ring was just too hard to contain compared to Kyrie, who already has a ring of his own from his time in Cleveland and has more of a luxury to uphold his personal stances on vaccination; albeit to the detriment of his team. That leads us to…

The Beard Had To Be Cut

Having grown frustrated from not living up to the lofty expectations, James Harden requested to be traded from a Brooklyn organization that has failed to build a consistent top-contending unit, with Irving playing quite a huge role in his departure. In turn, the Nets were forced to ship the former league MVP to Philadelphia in a package that included coveted young talent Ben Simmons.

The trade seemed like a great deal at the time, as Harden was clearly fed up with the Nets and so too was Simmons with the 76ers. Unfortunately, Simmons is but a ghost in the Nets’ roster as we speak (more on him below). Meanwhile, Harden and the Sixers are having better fortunes in their first-round matchup against the Raptors, with Philly still having a 3-2 series lead over Toronto as of this writing.

Ben’s Down Under the Weather

Having been released from the harsh criticism from the Philly fanbase, Ben Simmons was expected to have a triumphant return after being dealt to another title-contending team stacked with superstars to help him develop. However, Simmons has yet to suit up for the Nets, as the former first-overall pick cited mental struggles that he’s still recovering from.

Simply put, the only stable force in Brooklyn was Kevin Durant, who averaged nearly 30 points per game in the regular season despite playing in just 55 of the 82 games on the schedule. Durant gave it his all in Game 4 with the Nets’ playoff lives on the line, finishing with 39 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds. Sadly, that wasn’t enough as KD and his crew were swept and humbled by the Celtics.

Head coach Steve Nash needs to surround Durant with reliable pieces in order for them to regain their title-contending form. Are Irving and Simmons merely liabilities at this point despite their immense talent? Those are questions that Brooklyn has to address in what’s going to be a long and morale-draining offseason.

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