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2022 MLB Postseason Post-Deadline Predictions

By Hank Blaine

Huge trades happened before this year’s MLB deadline, including the biggest trade in major league history when the San Diego Padres sent what feels like their entire farm system to the Washington Nationals for Juan Soto. San Diego acquiring Soto isn’t the lone big deal that went down. Check out the four most impactful deals that happened before the trade deadline along with a post-deadline prediction.

Four Updated 2022 MLB Postseason Post-Deadline Predictions

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Noah Syndergaard helps the Phillies make the postseason

Philadelphia has a chance to make it to the postseason. The Phillies decided to go all in this season by trading for former New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard. In 2022, Thor as many refer to him, had been throwing for the Angels. Syndergaard posted a 3.80 ERA while tossing balls for the Halos.

The Phillies would be thrilled if Syndergaard keeps his ERA around 3.80 down the stretch. It should happen because Noah can pitch behind Zack Wheeler, and his 2.69 ERA, and Aaron Nola and his 3.17 earned run average.

OF Joey Gallo adds oomph to the Dodgers’ lineup

Gallo’s .160 batting average and 12 home runs won’t turn many heads, but we must remember that the Dodgers are set for the postseason. Both Walker Buehler and Dustin May will return to the starting rotation.

Los Angeles will dominate on the mound for sure. So adding a player like Joey Gallo will give punch to an already scary lineup. The move is brilliant because all Los Angeles gave up was right-handed pitcher Clayton Beeter, who has a 5.75 ERA in Double-A this season.

Mahle throws well but fails to help the Twins hold off the Guardians in the AL Central

Desperate to hold off the on-coming Cleveland Guardians in the AL Central, the Twins made a great move by trading for former Reds starter Tyler Mahle. The 27 year-old boasts a 4.49 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP. He should have no trouble lowering both stats because Tyler will throw behind consistent Sonny Gray and his 3.19 ERA.

But although Mahle will improve his stats, it doesn’t mean Minnesota can hold off the Guardians. Cleveland’s top two in the rotation, Shane Beiber and Tristan McKenzie, are close to unhittable when they’ve got their best stuff working.

San Diego acquires Juan Soto and the Padres crash and burn

For Soto, the San Diego Padres gave up their second best prospect in short-stop C.J. Abrams, their top prospect in outfielder Robert Hassell III, their third best prospect in outfielder James Wood, and their fifteenth best prospect in right-handed pitcher Jarlin Susana.

The Friars also sent first-baseman Luke Voit and left-handed McKenzie Gore to the Nationals. To be fair, San Diego didn’t just get Juan Soto in return. The Padres also got first baseman Josh Bell. But the win now attitude may already be backfiring.

As of August 8, the Los Angeles Dodgers have a 16-game lead over the Padres in the NL West. The Friars’ have a 1-game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers for the final wildcard sport. Since a 9-1 victory over Colorado in Soto’s first game in a Padres uniform, San Diego has lost 5 straight.

1 loss happened agianst the Rockies, 3 happened versus the Dodgers, and 1 versus the Giants. San Diego is crashing and burning. Juan is hitting .246 so unless he gets on a magnificent run, and the Dodgers implode, San Diego has no shot of catching LAD in the division.

Not only that, but Milwaukee or St. Louis will be tough to hold off for the third wildcard. The only thing this trade has done so far is prove how bad San Diego’s upper management is.

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