Join Nitrobetting’s Multiple-Entry NFL Survivor Pools this 2022 NFL Season

By Jeff Stinger

The 2022 NFL season is about to kick off in just a few days, which means it’s time to ramp up the football betting activities ahead. Few experiences come close to rivaling the thrills that NFL survivor contests bring, and Nitrobetting happens to be the leader in online NFL survivor action using Bitcoin.

Multiple Entries for All Bitcoin Buy-in NFL Survivor Contests!

Unlike other typical NFL survivor pools, the 2022 Nitro NFL Survivor Pools is allowing users to place multiple entries in each of the site’s public pools. This means even bigger chances of winning the grand prize at the end of one’s survivor campaign, which also adds a unique strategy to one’s weekly survivor picks having multiple entries to work with! 

Guaranteed Bitcoin Prizes — Regardless of Total Number of Entries!

A massive total prize purse worth 3,400 mBTC (~68,000) is at stake across eight public, multiple-entry Nitro NFL Survivor Pool contests on offer. What’s even better is that all prizes are fully guaranteed, regardless of the number of participants in each pool and the number of entries a user has made in a given survivor pool!

With a myriad of unique pools to choose from of varying buy-in amounts, there’s no shortage of survivor challenges to be had to make one’s 2022 NFL season viewing experience all the more memorable thanks to the huge Bitcoin prizes on the line!

List of 2022 Nitro NFL Survivor Pool Public Contests to Join

There are eight public multiple-entry Nitro NFL Survivor pools to join, each with increasing buy-in amounts for even bigger Bitcoin prizes:

Prospect Pool – Buy-in amount: 0.10 mBTC | Prize Pool: 70 mBTC

Draftee Pool – Buy-in amount: 0.25 mBTC | Prize Pool: 100 mBTC

Rookie Pool – Buy-in amount: 1 mBTC | Prize Pool: 200 mBTC

Captain Pool – Buy-in amount: 2.5 mBTC | Prize Pool: 300 mBTC

All Pro Pool – Buy-in amount: 4 mBTC | Prize Pool: 400 mBTC

MVP Pool – Buy-in amount: 10 mBTC | Prize Pool: 500 mBTC

Hall of Fame Pool – Buy-in amount: 20 mBTC | Prize Pool: 800 mBTC

NITRO Pool – Buy-in amount: 100 mBTC | Prize Pool: 1,000 mBTC

There’s also a Free Entry Pool on offer that has no buy-in requirement for all registered Nitrobetting users! However, only ONE entry per user is allowed in this pool. Hundreds of users have already signed up for the Free Entry Pool, so grab a slot now before it’s too late!

Head over to our Nitrobetting NFL Survivor main page to view and join in all of these Nitro NFL Survivor pools, as well as our comprehensive FAQs and guides for everything related to NFL survivor contests in general.

Create a Nitrobetting account to get in on the multiple-entry 2022 Nitro NFL Survivor Pool action in an instant! There are even more NFL Survivor surprises in store for Nitrobetting users who can qualify for our private Nitro NFL Survivor Pools by simply betting on the Nitrobetting Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino, and Poker hubs!

Keep it tuned here at Nitrobetting for more Nitro NFL Survivor updates and best of luck to all our survivor participants looking to win the Bitcoin motherlode in 2022!

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