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2023 F1 Season Betting Recap

By Hank Blaine

For the second straight season, Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen dominated the competition. Verstappen had a few hiccups during another F1 Season, rolling to win after win. Heading into the New Year, it makes sense for us to recap another Formula 1 Season. Looking at the past helps us prepare for the future. So with that being written, keep reading for a 2023 Formula 12 Season betting recap.

A Look at the 2023 F1 Season

Verstappen never offered underlay odds

Even though Verstappen won 15-of-18 races, Max didn’t offer underlay odds in any race. It’s tough to say a driver offers underlay odds when all they do is take down checkered flags.

Max’s odds towards the end of the season, in races in Singapore, Japan, Qatar, and the United States were at -400 to -450. Verstappen won 4-of-5, which means if we had placed $400 to $450 in each race to make $100 in profit on Max in all 5 races, we would have pocketed $400 in profit.

It’s not a lot. But, no doubt, it’s better than losing. More importantly, we would have pocketed $1,200 in profit if we had tried to make $100 on every race by betting on Max Verstappen because Max lost just 3 races this season.

Sergio Perez was a great play earlier in the season

Sergio Perez won 2-of-4 of the first 4 races. Sergio took the checkered flag at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Perez became a play against to win after the victory at Azerbaijan. For sure, if you had placed money on Perez to win in the first four races, you would have done well.

Carlos Sainz Jr. is the only driver to take it to Red Bull and Max in the second half of the season

The only driver to break Max’s stranglehold on checkered flags in the second half of the season was Carlos Sainz Jr. Carlos took first place in Singapore.

If you picked Carlos, you discovered a diamond in the rough bet for sure. Sainz finished third in the race before Singapore, the Italian Grand Prix, and followed up the Singapore victory with a sixth at the Japan Grand Prix.

So if you were one of the few to back Carlos to win at Singapore, pat yourself on the back.

Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton failed big time

Neither Mercedes driver, George Russell nor Lewis Hamilton, paid their backers. Russell’s best finish was a third in the Spanish Grand Prix.

George also scored seven top 5 finishes. But finishing in the top 5 in Formula 1 is great but doesn’t move the needle.

Lewis Hamilton finished fifth or better in twelve of the eighteen races. Hamilton’s top finishes were second places at the Australian Grand Prix and the Spain Grand Prix. No wonder there’s a rumor floating around that Lewis wants to move his auto racing tack to Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso was the play to get into the Top 3

A great bet during the early part of the Formula 1 Season was to put money behind Fernando Alonso to finish third or better.

The Aston Martin Aramco-Mercedes driver scored top 3 finishes at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, the Australian Grand Prix, and the Miami Grand Prix. During the season, Alonso also finished second at Monte Carlo, Canada, and the Netherlands.

If Aston Martin and Alonso improve during the hiatus, who knows? Maybe, Fernando turns some of those top 3 finishes into victories.

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