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The 2023 Formula 1 Build-Up Continues

By Jeff Stinger

We’ve all witnessed the ten teams uncover their latest cars and liveries. The next stage of the build-up involves pre-season testing and the first real chance to see the new cars roll on asphalt in 2023. This leg gives teams time to run their cars on track ahead of the opening race in Bahrain. It’s a highly-anticipated event for F1 and betting fans. The event takes place at the Bahrain International Circuit and features three days of testing.

On Track to Deliver Great Moments for the 2023 Formula 1 Season

Ongoing pre-season testing

Teams have a chance at testing the new parts on the track. They have a three-day window to make sure their cars are reliable. Though this phase is not as expansive as last year’s rule changes, there are a handful of regulations for this calendar year, so teams needed to adjust their floor designs and work on the general performance of their machines ahead of the event.

Not only is the phase mandatory for the constructors, but pre-season testing is just as important for the drivers. They may have had hundreds of hours logged on the simulator, nothing beats seat time on an actual track and the car they will be racing. With a trio of rookies on the grid–Oscar Piastro, Nyck de Vries, and Logan Sargeant–on the grid, testing is an invaluable opportunity for the drivers to get acquainted with their machines before the first GP.

Meanwhile, the engineers use this as an avenue to gather data and make sure it is positively associated with what their research and development have shown. Furthermore, the mechanics can further improve their skills by practicing pit stops and mechanical works.

An analysis of the lap times

Teams will try to log some fast laps and run their machines with less fuel and softer tire compounds. Although pre-season testing needs to be taken with a grain of salt, the lap times they record could serve as a benchmark for both Formula 1 teams and bettors.

Max Verstappen logged the best times for two consecutive seasons and went on to win the championship in both years. Testing gives us a glimpse of the competitive order. It still doesn’t mean we have to base our picks on the event alone. Yuki Tsunoda set the second-fastest lap in 2021 while Mick Schumacher was second-fastest overall last season, so that gives it elements of uncertainty.

Value for Formula 1 bettors

This is an invaluable time for the bettors as it gives everyone room to watch the cars on track and how each one performs. Weigh the Drivers’ Championship odds and Constructors’ Championship favorites and sleepers. The playing field is different given the new rules to limit porpoising. Some teams might have reshaped their cars and aero parts over the break.

Last year, teams like Red Bull and Mercedes introduced varying versions of their cars to pre-season testing after the initial pre-season testing in Barcelona. This year, there’s only one track and three days of running available, so we might not see huge leaps from the opening day to the last day of testing. However, we expect fitting upgrades between now and the first race, which takes place in Bahrain on March 5, 2023.

Finally, the window gives us a glimpse of favorites like Max Verstappen (-133) and Lewis Hamilton (+300) while a clearer picture of sleepers such as Oscar Piastro (+50,000) and Kevin Magnussen (+100,000).

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