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Top eSports Betting Picks of the Week – May 17th, 2022

By Hank Blaine

Dota 2 and League of Legends appear to be on the bench this week. No problem. There are plenty of excellent Counterstrike CS:GO matchups for us to handicap. Odds come out later in the week, but odds won’t change our handicapping or picks. Check out six terrific CS:GO contests happening on Friday and Saturday.

See below for analysis, eSports odds and free picks for five of this week’s top eSports contests.

Top eSports Betting Picks of the Week (May 17th, 2022)

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Counterstrike CS:GO

  • When: Friday, May 20, 2022 / Saturday, May 21, 2022 / Sunday, May 22, 2022

Saints vs. Enterprise Esports

The Saints have 2 wins and 3 losses in their last 5. The victory came versus Ungentium. Outside of beating Ungentium, the Saints fell to Zero Tenacity, Bluejays, and Levadia. Enterprise Esports has won 2 straight over Dynamo Eclot and Levadia. The Saints are a solid team, but they shouldn’t have much chance versus Enterprise. The likely chalk takes this.

eSports Betting Pick: Enterprise Esports

Budapest Five vs. Entropiq Prague

Budapest Five has won 3-of-5. The projected chalk beat Ago on May 2. Then on May 15, Monad eSport fell to Budapest. B-Five also beat AllStars on May 15. Like Budapest Five, Entropiq has won 3 of their last 5. On May 6, Entropiq bested Doc Esport. In their other two victories, Prague beat White Shark and Team Narcis. Entropiq’s loss happened versus Enterprise Esports. This should be a tight match, but Entropiq will prevail.

eSports Betting Pick: Entropiq Prague

Game Agents vs. Infinite Gaming

Game Agents has a single win in their last 5. On April 28, Game Agents beat Okura. Before beating Okura, Game Agents lost to Dynamo Eclot and Illuminar Gaming. Then on May 3 and May 4, Game Agents lost again, this time to Blink and Never Fpl. Infinite has also won just 1-of-5. Infinite Gaming’s victory was versus Marskalk on May 11. Because Infinite’s win is more recent than Game Agents’, they get the nod.

eSports Betting Pick: Infinite Gaming

Wolsung vs. Content Planet

Wolsung has won 3-of-5. Ex-team Singularity beat Wolsung on May 12, and Iron Branch beat Wolsung on May 17. Other than those two losses, Wolsung has played great. Wins over Tricked, SC e-Sports, and Marskalk set Wolsung up for this match versus Content Planet. Wolsung should have no trouble handing Content Planet a loss.

eSports Betting Pick: Wolsung

1shot vs. Fate

In March, Fate was unbeatable. On March 19, Fate beat Fade Gaming, then on March 20, Fate won both their matches. First, Fate beat Ungentium. Then, Fate bested No Limit Gaming. But since winning 3 straight, Fate has dropped their last couple of matches. One Tap Gaming beat Fate on May 12. Then on May 15, Apeks dropped Fate. 1shot has won 3-of-5. On May 11, 1shot beat Impression. Fate can bounce back, but 1shot shows the more consistent form. They’re the pick.

eSports Betting Pick: 1shot

Enterprise Esports vs. Sinners

Make sure to see how Enterprise performs in their Friday match versus Saints. If Enterprise beats the Saints, they should have no trouble versus the Sinners. Sinners has won 3-of-5. But before dumping on the Sinners, it’s important to note that 2 of the wins happened versus the same team, Ecstatic. The last win happened versus eSuba, which is on a 2-match losing streak. Enterprise Esports has a good shot of winning this even if they fall to the Saints.

eSports Betting Pick: Enterprise Esports

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*All odds stated are subject to change without prior notice.

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