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Will Lewis Hamilton Race the 2022 F1 Season?

By Carlos Chacon

Lewis Hamilton is pumped to return to the track and bounce back from a controversial 2021 season. He signed a massive $147 million contract extension with Mercedes. Hamilton agreed with the German team to continue his relationship with the Silver Arrows until the end of 2023.

Hamilton was bound for a record-breaking seven championship titles last season but had a formidable rival in Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Two and a half months after the last season, Hamilton prepares for another exciting calendar of racing with Mercedes. Can the 37-year old British racing driver sustain his performance and take down the defending champion to secure his eighth world title?

Reasons Why Lewis Hamilton Will or Will Not Race this 2022 F1 Season

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Will Mercedes remain competitive in 2022?

Hamilton says that his team “won’t be competing for wins” with the latest Mercedes car. The manufacturer unveiled the W13 for 2022 on the first day of Bahrain’s Pre-Season Test. There were several defining characteristics like drastically slimmed-down sidepods and a reshaped floor. “We are not the quickest at the moment”. He added, “I think Ferrari looks to be the quickest, perhaps Red Bull and then maybe us or McLaren, I don’t know. But we are currently not at the top.”

Although it remains a question if both the car and Hamilton will remain competitive, there’s no denying that Mercedes have enough funding, R&D experience, and talent to top the grid this season. The team is known to downplay their success before the first race. Despite winning eight-straight constructors titles, this is a common strategy that may or may not work against their competitors. It was the same story last year when the Mercedes W12 appeared difficult to handle during the testing period. Shortly after, Hamilton beat Verstappen and won the first race of the season.

Ultimately, this move continues to raise the eyebrows of racing fans and bettors. Is this the same strategy Mercedes employs over the last few years? Or are Hamilton and his team struggling to find pace before the season? Only time will tell. Don’t forget to tune into this weekend’s race as 2022 Formula 1 hits the first green light of the season in Bahrain.

How will Lewis Hamilton perform in 2022?

Lewis is known for his consistency that stood the test of time. He continues to perform at a high level even in his late 30s. The Brit is up there with the greats, winning 103 races and 182 podiums in 288 starts.

The grid remains mysterious with brand new cars for the 2022 season. Add to that the fact that Russell is now in a more competitive car, no one knows if the young talent will play the team game or go for a championship. We are excited to see another iteration of the Hamilton vs. Rosberg rivalry if Russell decides to go for the title this year. Additionally, there’s no clear direction whether Mercedes gives George a lesser role to help Lewis win his eighth world title.

One thing is for sure, his hunger to win remains on track. We’ve seen that last year, and we expect no less from the record-breaking driver this year. Expect Hamilton to prevail after a crushing defeat.

Lewis Hamilton odds to win 2022 Formula 1 Championship Title

The uncertainties do not hold Lewis Hamilton back from a record-breaking eighth Formula 1 world championship. He comes into the season with +137 odds of winning the Formula 1 Drivers Championship. Meanwhile, he has ground to cover at the first race of the season. Hamilton is +250 odds to win the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The controversial ruling might have put a dent in his confidence, but Hamilton keeps his name as a dominant force in the sport. His wins put him up there with the greats such as Michael Schumacher and he continues to believe that he and Mercedes have solid chances of writing history this season. The new partnership also looks promising should the team play its cards correctly both on and off the track.

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