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A Look at the Past 7 Super Bowl Betting Favorites

By Hank Blaine

When it comes to Super Bowl betting, favorites ruled the 1970s. From 1971 to 1980, favorites covered in 9-of-10. The 1980s saw favorites cover in 5-of-10. In the 1990s, favorites covered in 5-of-10 again. Since 2000, favorites have covered in just 7 Super Bowls. What’s crazier than that is 3 of the covering favorites have happened in the past 7 Super Bowls. Check out a list of the favorites for the past 7 Super Bowls along with an analysis. Be sure to check out the latest Super Bowl LIV odds at our online BTC sportsbook.

Odds of the Past 7 Super Bowl Favorites

  • 2021: Kansas City Chiefs -3
  • 2020: Kansas City Chiefs -1
  • 2019: New England Patriots -2.5
  • 2018: New England Patriots -4
  • 2017: New England Patriots -3
  • 2016: Carolina Panthers -5
  • 2015: Seattle Seahawks pick

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Past 7 Super Bowl Betting Favorites

Let’s start in 2015 where the Seattle Seahawks went from a -2 favorite versus the New England Patriots to a pick. In 2014, Seattle dusted Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 43-8. Back-to-back Super Bowls was supposed to signal a Seahawks Dynasty. Instead, Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell in the end zone to seal New England’s 28-24 victory. The game was a pick, though. So we can’t glean anything about favorites and Super Bowls from the Pats win.

NFL MVP Cam Newton led the Carolina Panthers onto the field versus the Denver Broncos. Although the public was all over Carolina, boosting the Panthers to -6 ½ chalks, sharps were on the Ponies.

The Broncos used the best defense in the league to hold Cam and the Panthers to 10 points in an improbable 24-10 victory. Denver’s defense was so dominant that Von Miller won Super Bowl MVP.

New England’s three Super Bowls ended three different ways. In 2017, Tom Brady rallied the Patriots from down 19 points to tie the Atlanta Falcons at 28-28. Then in overtime, Brady led New England to a TD on their first possession, ending the game 34-28. The next season, Brady and the Pats couldn’t keep up with Philadelphia’s offense. Nick Foles garnered Super Bowl MVP after the Eagles dumped 41 onto the Pats’ D. Brady did his part, New England scored 33, but it wasn’t enough.

Realizing his mistakes in the 2018 Super Bowl, New England coach Bill Belichick decided to lean on his defense in the 2019 Lombardi Trophy game. Belichick held Sean McVeigh’s high-scoring L.A. Rams offense to just 3 points. The Patriots won 13-3 in the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history.

Patrick Mahomes rallied the Kansas City Chiefs from a 10 points deficit to an 11-point Super Bowl victory. The Chiefs held San Francisco to 0 points in the fourth-quarter in the 31-20 game. This year, the Chiefs couldn’t repeat their 2020 effort. In hindsight, it’s understandable. Britt Reid, coach Andy Reid’s son, caused a car crash the Thursday night before the 2021 Super Bowl that left a 5-year-old girl with brain damage.

Nobody on Kansas City’s sidelines, not Reid, not Patrick Mahomes, nobody, was in the mood to play football, which is why Brady led the Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory. If the Britt Reid crash hadn’t happened, who knows? Maybe, KC takes their second straight.

The 2020 Chiefs, 2019 Patriots, and the 2017 New England team all covered as Super Bowl favorites. What it tells us is that the favorite won’t be an automatic play for or against to win Super Bowl 56.

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