Best 2022 College Football Over Under Win Totals

The 2022-2023 College Football Season kicks off on August 27, which means we had better start preparing for the most important betting season of the year. Like in the NFL, oddsmakers set win loss totals on most college football teams. Check out the top six over under win total bets to consider for this upcoming NCAAF season. Top 6 Best Over Under Win Totals for… Read More

Early 2022 NFL Division Odds and Picks

Soon, NFL teams will head to training camps, then the preseason will start, and before we know it the NFL’s first regular season game this year will happen. Mid-June is the time for NFL handicappers to start thinking about the upcoming season. See below for odds on the four teams in all eight divisions as well as analysis and an early pick to win each… Read More

Terry McLaurin’s Washington Commanders Contract Extension

Recent reports have stated that Washington Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin will be skipping his team’s minicamp as he seeks a contract extension from the Commanders. Washington drafted McLaurin in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft and has played like a superstar by far. And with the 26-year-old on the final year of his rookie contract coupled with the recent deals being made… Read More

Deebo Samuel San Francisco 49ers Trade Destinations

For a brief spell during this offseason, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel was not in good terms with his team; so far as removing all his 49ers ties across all his social media platforms. Thankfully, over the past few days, it seems Samuel and the Niners are in better terms with the First-Team All-Pro wideout. However, Samuel but is still insistent that he… Read More

Why the NFL is Better than the NBA

In the battle between the four major North-American sporting leagues, the NFL reigns supreme over the competition, even with the massive popularity of the NBA slowly taking over the whole globe. As such, let’s try to put an end to the debate and figure out what exactly makes the NFL such a bigger draw to American sports fans than the NBA? Nitrobetting is ready to… Read More

What Does Cooper Kupp’s Extension Mean for the Rams in the 2022 NFL Season?

Earlier this week, reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year Cooper Kupp secured the bag and received a massive three-year, $110 million contract extension that he definitely deserves after being the Los Angeles Rams’ best downfield threat in 2021. The current Super Bowl MVP’s signing means that the Rams are geared up for another run at the Lombardi Trophy, and we’re here to break down… Read More

Is Colin Kaepernick Going to Play for the Raiders in the 2022 NFL Season?

One of the more intriguing developments of late this 2022 NFL offseason is the possibility of seeing a triumphant return from former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose career was cut short due to his social activism. While Kaepernick’s position in the Las Vegas Raiders’ roster is not yet set in stone, his arrival back in the NFL scene has certainly stirred the pot… Read More

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Odds to Win Super Bowl 57 Get Major Boost

Just when we thought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could not get any better after the stunning return of Tom Brady from his short “retirement” stint, the Super Bowl Champions of 2021 just got a huge boost on defense to begin their quest for the Lombardi Trophy anew. Who’s this defensive standout that just joined the Bucs’ fray? Nitrobetting is ready to equip its bettors with… Read More

Is Drew Brees Returning to the NFL?

To quote Al Pacino from The Godfather Part III: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” This is certainly the feeling that Drew Brees is having, as the former Super Bowl MVP and 13-time Pro Bowl selection teased a return to the NFL after just one year in the broadcasting booth. Tom Brady came out of retirement… Read More

Best NFL Draft Steals In History

The 2022 NFL Draft is out and about. We’ve seen blockbuster picks come out of this year’s draft. However, no event is complete without steals. That said, Nitrobetting goes over some of the best draft steals in NFL history. Which Players Were the Best Steals in NFL Draft History? READ MORE: Kenny Pickett 2022 NFL Draft Best Landing Spots… Read More