2022 College Football Week 1 Complete Betting Guide

It’s never too early to think football. This is especially true in July when MLB is the only major U.S. sports league that we can bet. Like what happens every football season, college kicks off before the NFL. See below for everything you must know about college football’s first week in our complete betting guide for 2022 College Football Week 1. Complete Betting Guide for… Read More

2022 College Football Week 1 Must Bet Games

The first week of the 2022 NCAAF Season kicks off in less than 8 weeks. It’s early, but it’s not to early to jump on overlay college football options. Check out the eight 2022 College Football Week 1 games along with picks that you should consider playing early. Must Bet Games for 2022 College Football Week 1 What is your favorite college… Read More

2022 NFL Season Smartest Picks

Buzz has started to build for the upcoming 2022 NFL Season. In July, teams head to training camp. Then the NFL Preseason starts in August. Although it seems like there’s plenty of time before the beginning of the season, NFL handicappers should start preparing. Check out six smart picks for the upcoming season and why they’re smart. Smartest Picks of the 2022 NFL Season And… Read More

2022 NFL Season Betting Tips

The 2022 NFL Season kicks off on Sep. 8 when the Buffalo Bills head to SoFi Stadium to take on the Los Angeles Rams. Two months may seem like a long time, but it’s not. NFL handicappers must start preparing today. Check out 5 betting tips to put in your back pocket as you prepare for what promises to be a profitable 2022 NFL Season. Read More

2022 NFL Offseason Handicapping Guide

One of the best ways to prepare for the NFL Regular Season is to handicap the offseason. By handicapping the offseason, we mean paying attention to how teams perform during NFL Preseason games. You mustn’t bet on NFL Preseason games. Paying attention to the games, though, is important. Check out the five things you should do during the NFL offseason to prepare for a profitable… Read More

Early 2022 College Football Season Betting Guide

The 2022 College Football Season doesn’t kick off until August 27. But just because the season doesn’t kick off until then, it doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels. It’s best to prepare for the new season as soon as possible. Check out four things to consider for early season college football betting success. How to Make Money Betting on the First Weeks of… Read More

2022 College Football Season Bold Predictions

The 2022 College Football Season kicks off on Aug. 27. From Aug. 27 through Dec. 10, the best teams in college football will not only be playing to win their conference, but they will also be playing to make the College Football Playoff and to win the National Championship. Which teams look best and which teams will struggle? Eight Bold Predictions for the 2022 College… Read More

Top 2022 NFL Division Longshots

NFL handicappers can make money backing favorites to win NFL divisions, but the risk doesn’t always equal the reward, which is why it makes sense to consider which longshots can win their respective divisions. To find true longshots we should stick to rule. No underdog qualifies as a longshot unless they offer odds of +300 or higher. See below for the team in each division… Read More

Best 2022 Season NFL Prop Bets

As the NFL season quickly approaches, we must turn our attention to one of the best ways to profit, future prop bets. Who will win NFL MVP, which wide receiver, running back, and quarterback will go for the most yards and which team that oddsmakers have written off will make it to the playoffs? Check out this season’s top 7 money in the bank prop… Read More

Best Richard Sherman NFL Moments

Since the turn of the 2010s, few cornerbacks have been as entertaining and prolific as Richard Sherman. Sadly for fans of Sherman, the five-time Pro Bowl selection is taking a break from the gridiron and will test his mic skills as a member of the coverage crew at Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football program this upcoming 2022 NFL season. Nitrobetting is ready to equip its… Read More